Cursed Mountain Theatrical Trailer Released

Deep Silver has just released a new theatrical trailer for its upcoming horror game for the Wii, Cursed Mountain. Deep Silver is stating that this game will be a graphics breakthrough on the Wii.

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condorstrike3686d ago

theatrical trailer my foot...
this trailers has been around for almost a month, the only difference is the last couple of frames when that guy comes out....old news.

GFahim3686d ago

the quality is much better. the one u saw was off screen footage.

anyway, the game looks good.

condorstrike3686d ago

true, quality looks better...
hopefully the show more in-game footage soon.

dxmnecro3686d ago

This game still looks like it won't get close to a high-end ps2 game, but I guess we'll have to wait and see

condorstrike3686d ago

please give the ps2 it's deserved RIP... the Wii has better looking games and this is one of them.

N4g_null3686d ago

Hmmm nice try I'm waiting to see the game in action. Monster hunter and some other stuff sh!ts all over this game that was hyping it's graphics. I just hope these guys make a good game at the end of the day. If not then that there problem their are plenty of other games that I'll be buying.

dxmnecro3686d ago

Well they seem to definitely be pushing the whole "graphics" thing. I hope this ends up being a great game for the Wii.

rjguess3686d ago

Well not so far it isn't. It does look nice so far. But a graphics breakthrough on the Wii. The conduit looks better than this. Now thats breakthrough on the wii. I will get this game. The story will be very interesting. Also I have to remember that this game is not complete. So more footage could surprise us wii owners. Oh well wii and ps3 owners. Maybe I should have said pswii or something. In the mean time ill be sitting back playing my ps3 while waiting on games like the conduit and this game and monster hunter3 and so on. I can finally wipe the dust off this white box and start using it. Hopefully the batteries in the wii motes have not acquired acid yet.

N4g_null3686d ago

You should buy bomber man so I can kill you! It's going to be stupid fun! Also you should get mega man on Wii since the controller is the closest to the nes when turned side ways.