Microsoft Is Doing Right With Project Scorpio

The reveal, updates, and launch of Project Scorpio are critical to Microsoft's next stage of console develop, and so far they're nailing it. But they need to continue this momentum in order to complete a successful launch. Here's what Dave thinks need to happen to see that through.

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skydragoonityx2201d ago

What's the use of making a powerful console (which has been tremendously debunked as being the most powerful) when they are so few games to play?

Doopy2201d ago

What console is more powerful than xbox scorpio? Also, there is plenty of games to play on it and all the games will run and look better on it too.

thekhurg2201d ago

All of them since that thing doesn't actually exist in consumer hands yet.

vega2752201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

@ ger2396

"List of games please"

Try all games that's playable on the xbox one and xbox one s. But i guess your trying hard to be a troll and refer to "exclusives" right?. You also know that there will be no exclusive on the scorpio because MS doesnt want to split the install base. You know much like sony doesn't want exclusive on the ps4 pro. So please stop from asking stupid question and trolling

candystop2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Whatever games are released we all at least know it will be a much better console than anything Sony currently has on the market.

NatFanBoyRestricted2201d ago

Nice to see so many Sony fans care about Xbox.

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Bigpappy2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Maybe for PS4 exclusive only players there are not enough games to play, but I have plenty that I want to play on it, and I am actually a person who will be buying it.

I will be playing Ghost Recon, Mass Effect, Pray, RDR2 and may be Conan: Exile. I am sure they will be others. But most of the games I mentioned are huge games. Plus I do a fulltime job and have real world responsibilities. May be that's why I am not getting the 'no games' line of thought'.

christocolus2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Same here. Getting it day one.


"but why get a Scorpio for them when you can get them on PC or PS4? Both systems have all of those plus tons of exclusives. Scorpio is a bad investment. "

Lol. You guys become so unreasonable once you get into an xbox thread. Common sense. People have different tastes /likes. Not every wants to play on PC or PS4. People differ. Is it that hard to understand. There are people who prefer console gaming over PC gaming and there are people who prefer the Xbox ecosystem and certain features over the PS ecosystem also you should add IMO to your comments cos you don't speak for anyone but yourself and certainly not Xbox fans. Scoprio may be a bad investment for you and those like you but not for others who certainly find it interesting. Damn. It's like you guys loose all sense of logical reasoning once you step into Xbox threads. You have no interest in a particular product so it's automatically a bad investment for you and those who find it useful and want it?Lmao XD.

WeAreLegion2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Those are huge games, but why get a Scorpio for them when you can get them on PC or PS4? Both systems have all of those plus tons of exclusives. Scorpio is a bad investment.

RDR2 is a maybe on PC, obviously.

TheCommentator2201d ago

Exactly, Bigpappy and Christoculous.

Quantity means nothing if the choices aren't as interesting. Sony just doesn't have what I like most of the time and that's an entirely subjective viewpoint. I'm good with HW2, SoD2, SoT, and CD3, coming this year and I'm also happy with Gears, Halo, Forza (Horizon). Still, MS could really use more studios making more IP to entice people to buy the XB1. As for the PC argument, I don't want to game on a PC. They're finicky, prone to viruses, expensive unless you build them yourself, and generally a pain to run games on compared to a console. It's not worth the hassle over plug and play consoles.

DragonDDark2201d ago

A PC is definitely a better investment than the Scorpio. You will get all XB1 games & a lot more. Some Ps4 games end up on PC too. Mostly Japanese ones. PC+Ps4 is the best option for me.

NatFanBoyRestricted2201d ago

Legion. Why does it matter if their huge games. Storage isn't a issue on Xbox. Why pay for a game twice with ps4 and pc, when Ms offering play anywhere. I could now enjoy my xbox to game on and as a media machine for hulu and netflix, and run games that really matter on my EVGA 1080 Hybrid from the pc. True 4k or better VR experience anyone? All while playing the games we want thats on xbox.

Drizzy2201d ago

I play whatever strikes my interest. I liked 5he Nioh demo but I hate the recharge stamina aspect of it. I think I like nier automata better unfortunately. All I want is a ninja gaiden 2 remake

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Chris122201d ago

@skydragon - there are more than enough games when you take the exclusives and the third party games. What should Xbox users play on if they prefer Xbox games plus third party offerings? This no games BS really is pathetic

LordJamar2201d ago

you deserve every like you get

MRMagoo1232201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

they should play on pc then I would guess cos it has all the xbone games plus all the pc games and a fair few ps4 games


pcs these days are pretty much plug and play you can use any consoles controller with them you can play pretty much any console games besides a few Nintendo and ps4 games and you can have your pc set up with a massive tv just like a console, if you aren't too stupid to turn a console on you aren't too stupid to press the power button on the pc and the rest such as input is the same as console. the "pc isn't plug and play" idea doesn't work anymore because it has been false for a long time.

btw I do play console as well I have a ps4 , ps3 , ps2 , ps1 , mega drive 2 , ds and a wii but pc isn't any harder than any of them.

Chris122201d ago

@Magoo I knew there would be a 'play on PC' response. When will people like you realise a lot of us don't want to play on PC. I have previously been a PC gamer and didn't enjoy it as much as being a console gamer. Far too much hassle, just give me a console, plug it in and play. Simple.

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Gwynbleidd2201d ago

6TF GPU, 320 GB/s RAM, 8 core CPU -> What console has more power?

Please stop the no games on Xbox thing! There may be more exclusives on PS but there are still many exclusives on Xbox and lots of 3rd party games.

christocolus2201d ago

Well said. I just hope we get a reveal date soon.

Overload2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

"Please stop the no games on Xbox thing!"

Why? It's a actual thing.

Xbox One (9 upcoming retail exclusives)

PS4 (87 upcoming retail exclusives)

When people said the PS4 had "no games" the discrepancy wasn't close to as wide as the one I just presented. The Xbox One has around 10% as many console exclusive retail titles as the PS4.

That's why people say that.

Automatic792201d ago

Well said @Gwynbleidd

In addition, you should mention the games offer way more replayability than competition.

Gazondaily2201d ago


I'm sorry- are non-exclusive games not games?

Overload2201d ago

"I'm sorry- are non-exclusive games not games?"

Of course, so are indie games. Knack is also a game, Resogun is a game, Bloodborne is a game too.

AngelicIceDiamond2201d ago

Xbox fans do more time defending than a average Xbox fanboy does attacking on here. The major problem with these fanboys they really don't grasp or understand, taste or liking something that they don't. MS has issues and problems well shit any Xbox fan is fully aware we don't need fanboys reminding everyone the problems, SHUT UP. The mentality is, "Xbox is messing up drop it get my favorite platform" every major platform holder screws up at least 1 generation. Sony messup with PS3 and guess what? Fans stuck by their side. Nintendo messed up multiple times and guess what Nintendo fans are still around. MS suffers the third console curse and everyone should ditch it and buy another platform.

Yeah no MS has the right to be here also considering MS through out their entire gaming tenure has actually brought significance to the gaming industry just like Sony and Nintendo have. Clearly, there's a reason why all three are around and have their fans.

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maybelovehate2201d ago

It will be completely backwards compatible with Xbox One on launch day. There will be plenty to play.

mark_parch2201d ago

what are you on about 'tremendously debunked lol, which console is going to be more powerful

Deadpooled2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Yeah where are the Xbox exclusives? Are Microsoft shifting Xbox one games to Scorpio? Why get a Scorpio when for what would turn out to be the same price you can get a gaming PC which would run all the games better and with superior multitasking? Only the hardcore would get the Scorpio at launch and everyone else with a brain would use the money to get a new/boost their gaming PC.

I swear if Sony was in the same position Microsoft are in now, there would be endless 'Sony has no games' articles.

Kiwi662201d ago

"Get a PC" seems to the war cry of some on here when it comes to xbox games yet that isn't the choice of many who want to play the games on an xbox console

MRMagoo1232201d ago


if pc isn't the choice then why is xbone selling so badly ? it can't be because people are just choosing not to game at all , they are going elsewhere aka pc ps4

NatFanBoyRestricted2201d ago

I got a gaming pc. I spend more time on XBOX. I'm definitely getting a Scorpio. I like games from both platforms. AC7 was just announced for multi platform, one of my favorite franchises. I'm definitely winning in the end, and so many like me. Why does your argument sound like you lost something. Why do you care how people go about choosing their options?

Dizzy115232201d ago

No doubt. There is nothing to play on this thing. Mine is used for anything that I don't want taking up space on my PS4. Now that the Snap feature is being removed, I have even less reasons to care about a Xbox Console.

All they have is Killer Instinct.

Condemnedman2201d ago

how boring are you if you relied on the snap feature. lol

KakashiHotake2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

All Xbox One games will still play on it and it will have Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Scorpio will be the superior console for all newer games moving forward even over PS4 Pro.

jmetalhead778122201d ago

Plus, I have a feeling that they will announce BC from OG Xbox along with the Scorpio reveal, or soon there after. I currently have over 200 games on my XB1S, with many more coming. I'll never have enough time to get to all of them.

Condemnedman2201d ago

how is it debunked when it releases it will be more powerful the your current console. stop talking crap

343_Guilty_Spark2201d ago

You work for Xbox apparently so you know what Microsoft has planned. Please share.

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NatFanBoyRestricted2201d ago

At least we got Ace Combat 7, who needs a PS4 pro now?

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Bigpappy2201d ago

I like the suggestions. I really want to know the full specs, see some of the new features and get to see what some of the improvements mean for upcoming games... especially big opened world games.

christocolus2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

"I like the suggestions. I really want to know the full specs, see some of the new features and get to see what some of the improvements mean for upcoming games"

I want to know this too. Due to the more powerful/balanced architecture of Scorpio I think it will have some new software features not possible on regular Xbox One and XoneS. Not just talking about graphical features here but social and other console exclusive features the OS team will cook up. I really can't wait for the reveal.

Bigpappy2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Yeah. From a kid I have always liked getting new stuff. New posibilities . New features nail home the newness feel for me.

bluefox7552201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

IMO they announced it way too early. Most of the momentum and the excitement from the original announcement is gone. Couple that with all of the drama surrounding their 1st party titles (or lack thereof), I'm not sure I'd agree that they're "doing right".

Fishy Fingers2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Perhaps for the 'die hards' like us, most people don't track the news the way we do, I imagine the vast majority wouldn't know what Scorpio is and won't until they start mainstream marketing.

And you can't deny that every article concerning it gets plenty of attention from 'both camps' so I wouldn't say it's lost its momentum yet. If anything it getting worse and will probably continue to up until the official reveal. That's when the s*** will hit the fan for better or worse.

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maybelovehate2201d ago

Once developers have the specs and SDK you have to announce it. It is out there.

zivtheawesome2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

i dissagree. after reading the "leaks" (as they are on MS's website can we really consider that a leak?) it seems to be just a slightly more powerfull ps4pro, that is releasing a year later and at a higher price. If that is true, it will fail IMO.

yeahright22201d ago

Yeah my guess is they got spooked by what the price would turn out to be and decided to tone it down. Really all they promised was 6 teraflops, which can be reached in a variety of ways (PS4 Pro is technically capable of 8 teraflops, even though it will undoubtedly be weaker).
Right now they're probably just shooting to make sure it's more powerful than the PS4 pro, has some native 4K games and hits 6 teraflops while struggling to keep the price within reason.

IndominusRex2201d ago

How tf can it reach 8 tf????

yeahright22201d ago

Keep in mind, I did say "technically". thing is, teraflops isn't exactly the best way to measure power. A much better measure would be if they gave us the gpu and cpu specs.

DEEBO2201d ago

Stop looking for negative things in gaming and try to look what's good in it.
MS is giving us a stronger console and that's a good thing.
When people found out the switch didn't have the best specs it got bash now MS is trying to give you power and it's a problem??

Yes they need to make better 1st party games but everybody needs to work on something,nothing in this world is perfect.
Be gamers N4G Members.

Gravesinger_2201d ago

Don't waste your breath trying to use "Reason" and "Logic" with these Fanboy Morons, they can't see past the end of their own noses.

2201d ago