Digital Foundry: Resident Evil 7 PC/PS4/Pro/Xbox One Analysis

Dave dives into four different versions of Resident Evil 7. It's consoles vs PC, with all the visual comparison points and frame-rate metrics you could possibly desire.

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Neonridr2678d ago

hmm.. I thought it was said the Pro version was 4K from other places. Clearly not the case. I will stick to playing it in VR then. I was worried I was missing out on some huge increase in graphics.

kevnb2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

you can play it in vr using a pro... and yes Im pretty sure it is 4k on the pro, just no 4k video on digital foundry yet.

Neonridr2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

are you sure? They mentioned the resolution on the Pro in the video. 2240x1260 is the resolution the Pro runs the game at.

Playing in VR on the Pro will only give me some marginal downsampling. Still limited by the resolution of the headset itself. That being said, it will still probably be the best way to play it.

kevnb2678d ago

That's probably accurate, and its still a very good resolution.

Gazondaily2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

It's not 4k Native on the Pro.

The X1 version suffers way too much. I'll get the PS4 version

Unspoken2678d ago

Sony is killing the VR industry with the 1 year exclusivity. What a waste.

Gamers don't like exclusivity deals, am I right?

CrazedFiend2678d ago


Did you watch the video? Not 4K.

Don't care though. I'm FIENDING for this game in VR! Just as scary in 1260p or 1080p or whatever!

PeaSFor2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )


you're such a risible Sony hater, just look at your comment history dude, lmao what a muppet.

Unspoken2677d ago

Your insults are so on point I'd almost mistaken you for an insecure fanboy who can't refute points. But that's none of my business.

Speaking of stalking comment histories, do you work for Sony or are you just a hypocritical prat.

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butchertroll2678d ago


- 1080p / 60 FPS on PS4/XB1
- 2240x1260p / 60 FPS on PS4 Pro
- Plenty of Chromatic Aberration, DoF etc.
- XB1 has more shimmering and worse post-AA method.
- Besides odd texture streaming issue, visually mostly identical.
- Pro has increased lighting highlights on trees etc.
- PC has same texture/lighting/shadow quality the as PS4/Pro version.
- Consoles have limited motion blur, PC has camera motion blur. PC also has per-object motion blur.


- PS4/Pro are rock solid 60 FPS.
- XB1 dips performance notably, especially in combat. Lowest is 45FPS.

Neonridr2678d ago

yeah no doubt the Pro is the way to play it (unless you have a high end gaming PC). I was just sad to learn that it wouldn't be that much nicer on my 4K TV. Initially I was torn because I have the Pro, a 4K TV and a PSVR. I was worried that playing it in PSVR would be a big downgrade compared to what the Pro mode would look like. But it seems like the Pro mode isn't a huge jump over the base game, so I won't be sacrificing much. :)

Kribwalker2678d ago

@ neonridr

Definitely pro version unless you have a gaming pc, then I'd buy Xbox version since you can play anywhere and jump between pc and Xbox at no extra cost

Unspoken2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )


-PC has the highest resolution making the game look very sharp-extremely sharp compared to the Pro
-PC has high resolution textures and can use a higher amount of "Shadow Cache"
-PS4/Pro have textures swapping in and out causing a jarring experience breaking immersion.
-PS4/Pro uses lower end AA muddying the entire image
-PC can use SMAA instead to sharpen the image and keep jaggies to a minimum. (or FXAA +TAA)
-PC can turn off Chromatic Aberration and Motion blur, amongst other settings to tailor the experience.
-PC has HBAO+ allowing for better shadows creating more depth and better immersion
-PC has higher quality Volumetric lighting, Reflections, Shadow quality compared to Pro.
-PC has "Rendering Method" option to allow an interlaced image for lower end cards giving higher fps
-PC\PS4\Pro have HDR
-PSVR lowers resolution further to maintain 60fps and to minimize dizziness but in turn causes everything to look blurrier with the screen door effect.

Gotta love the DF slant

TheDreamCorridor2677d ago

@Unspoken I can't believe you wasted that much time to troll the PlayStation 4.

You certainly wrote quite a bit. Hope you feel good about yourself.

DeadlyOreo2677d ago


You don't make sense. You said definitely Pro version. And then you say unless you have a gaming PC, and then the Xbox version as you can just switch between them?

Lmao. Honestly, do you work for Microsoft?

Kribwalker2677d ago

@deadly Oreo
If you don't have a gaming pc but have consoles then the pro is the best version
If you have a gaming pc, then I'd buy the digital Xbox version because you can use it on your tv and your pc if it isn't hooked up to a tv. Because the PC version is the best version.
Easy enough to understand?

Unspoken2677d ago

It was much less time than you are giving me credit for. When DF spouts alternative facts to pander to the PlayStation crowd it was necessary to clear the air of their BS.

DaMist2677d ago


"you can play anywhere and jump between pc and Xbox at no extra cost"

Resident Evil doesn't take part of the Xbox play anywhere initiative, so in order to have it both on Xbox and pc you'd have to purchase it twice.

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1nsomniac2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

You're right, they did very publicaly state RE7 was native 4K on the "Pro"

Unspoken2678d ago

More Sony lies. They have an inferior "4K" system. Wait for Scorpio if you want to be able to play at a higher resolution.

G20WLY2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

^Yeah, good idea, @Unspoken, we should trust MS - their squeaky clean track record speaks for itself! /ULTIMATE SARCASM

UCForce2677d ago

@Unspoken You aren't nice person.

Unspoken2677d ago

You do realize MS was roasted over claiming 4K gaming on Scorpio; particularly when no game has been shown, just a white paper, but when a PlayStation game claims to be native 4K and it isn't, no one bats an eye.

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butchertroll2678d ago

Looks like res on Xbone is even lower ( from post #109 and lower ) :


Maybe DF will make another comparison video. I'm sure dark10x is aware of it.

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tyasia02678d ago

So the PS4 Pro offers the best console version with the highest resolutions and post-processing. PS4 and PS4 Pro both maintain 60 FPS. Xbox lacks post-processing and can't maintain 60 FPS and is mostly in the 40's during action sections.

Letthewookiewin2678d ago

Ya but Xbox can play the masterpiece Halo 5....

saint_seya2678d ago

Dont get mad, he tried to say master chief Halo 5....