Boomtown Review: 1942: Joint Strike

Review by James 'eVOLVE' Hamer-Morton:

"'1942: Joint Strike combines classic top-down shooting with amazing 3D HD graphics' claims the PSN product description. Indeed, the 194x arcade series is back, with the same retro action, and despite a lot happening onscreen at once, calling the graphics 'amazing' would be a slight extension of the truth. To be fair, they're not bad, but hardly the pinnacle of current generation games; part of me considers that if you removed the HD, you'd still be looking at a retro PS2 game instead.

The game borrows different aspects from the games in the series to end up with a fun little blaster. Little being the operative word. Grab the 130ish Mb demo and you'll have a few minutes of quick blasting joy, but slapping down £6.99 will only net you another 4 similarly timed and themed stages, making the length of game/value ratio quite low, although the full game is the same file size, so I would have appreciated some kind of unlock 'key' rather than a redownload."

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