Don't bank on Kinect games in 2017

Take it from the developer of 2016's breakout Kinect title, 'Fru.'

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Gazondaily1607d ago

People are still making Kinect games?

bouzebbal1607d ago

the worst gimmick in gaming history.
not a single above average game. fanboys have been defendig it by being an amazing voice control device. so amazing that xbox dropped the connection port from x1s. just saying.
wonder who still uses it today. it's much more intuitive just to use the controller.

Gazondaily1607d ago

I use voice controls 😢

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skydragoonityx1607d ago

*in supermans voice* The kinect is dead, bury it

ApocalypseShadow1607d ago

The developer doesn't think Microsoft needs to be blamed but who else can you blame? Even unbundling the camera, it's Microsoft's job to show why kinect was relevant. Not a 3rd party developer. All they had to do was sell Xbox one with and without a camera.

When it came to software, you can't deny its cool to tell something from far away to turn on,change a channel or pausing and picking a movie. That is cool tech. Beyond that, where were the games? That's why it's knocked on. No games for an advanced camera. If Microsoft would have stayed steady and built some great games, those without the camera would have picked one up. Developers aren't going to support it if Microsoft wasn't. And games that used to be for Kinect like Ryse were canceled to be regular games.

As for its possible use for VR... Why? Current Xboxs don't support it without an adapter. But maybe the drop of the Snap feature will release more resources for VR. You never know. Games don't have to be super detailed for immersion. Just good. Job simulator isn't detailed but it's fun. Same with games like Bound on PS4. Scorpio should be definitely capable of VR. But again, why support Kinect? If oculus and Vive are supported, they have their own sensors for tracking making Kinect obsolete and not needed for that.

At the moment it's a virtually dead peripheral. And the responsibility lies with Microsoft and that's a shame. It would have given PS camera a run for its money with inexpensive VR. Gamers tasked Sony in proving the PS camera can do more than video chat, live streaming, etc. And Sony responded with VR and the camera's necessity with or without move (DS4). It's Microsoft's responsibility to prove Kinect had and has a purpose.

Fishy Fingers1607d ago

No dev in there right minds would build a game for a peripheral (unless heavily subsidised). Many struggle to make ends meat making games for base systems let alone catering to less than 10% install base.

Peripherals rarely have a lasting impact. N64 rumple pack is about the only one I can think of that did.

Sy_Wolf1607d ago

Also the expanded RAM pack for the N64 to a lesser extent. It allowed the system to pump out some astonishing looking games.

FallenAngel19841607d ago

Xbox One S doesn't even have a Kinect port. Nobody is going to games for a device that isn't even being supported by the latest model of consoles

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