Myst creator warns of over ambition in MMO space

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "At a panel discussion at the Austin GDC, Myst creator Rand Miller gave his audience a look behind the scenes why his URU: Myst Online MMO has failed commercially not once but twice, summing up its failure by saying "it's frankly cheaper to build a treadmill than a national park. We were building a national park."

Rather than "setting people in a hamster wheel and saying 'run run run run run'," explained Miller, developer Cyan said it wasn't approaching URU as a "game in the traditional sense" but as something that "had the potential of competing with television." Rather than "what you would watch that night," Miller said the team saw potential to continually produce new worlds and shift the entertainment paradigm to 'where would you go that night.'"

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Panthers3684d ago

I hate when people think their project failed because it was soooo good that no one got it.

Might be true, but it is very arrogant.

Final_Rpg3684d ago

If nobody got it then it can't be that great. An aspect of greatness would be it's appeal wouldn't it?

Developers just like making excuses for their games flaws, that's it.

Final_Rpg3684d ago

MMO's need some innovation I think. They all have become far too similar and because of this the whole lot of them have become bland and boring.

I'm always looking for an MMO that will bring a change for the better. I'd love to see a combat system thats really different and unique than the old 20 set skill bar click over an enemy thing that occurs in 90% of all mmo's. I want some different! Not only different but it has to be functional and entertaining. That would be the only way that I'd ever go back to playing an MMO. They're just all too alike for me to be drawn away from the great unique experiences found in other types of games.

coolfool3684d ago

this MMO fits your different category. it wasn't like the others out there. However, this fails in the *fun* category.

coolfool3684d ago

The concept sounds amazing buts thats not where this is flawed. It was a lot simpler than that, people just didn't want to play the base game. So no matter how many add-ons and features you add if nobody is playing then nobody will care.