Gun Media’s Wes Keltner On When To Expect A Friday The 13th Release Date

If you’re a diehard horror fan or one of the over 12,000 Kickstarter backers of Friday The 13th: The Game, you’re probably curious as to when you can expect to see the game hit the shelves. Gun Media's Wes Keltner took to the game's forums to elaborate.

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ifistbrowni634d ago

Is this a budget title? I loved watching gameplay of the beta. I can imagine my nephew and I having tons of fun with this title. Thing is, if it's more than $30-$40 then I'm afraid it wont be worth it (multiplayer titles rarely are).

Still though, I loved watching people play this game. I lol'd when groups would fix cars and had to choose who was worth saving since the cars would only hold 4 people. It seems like such a fun situation. Definitely could be a fun game to get together with some friends.

Derceto634d ago

"Everyone else will have to pay an increased digital price of $40. The $60 physical price remains the same."

This is from an article I found on Gamespot. Haven't followed much on this game, but iirc, I think this is accurate of the pricing.

ifistbrowni634d ago

Thanks. At $40 digitally, it's definitely worth it. I can buy it for a friend and I.

634d ago
Kaneki-Ken634d ago

You do know is also will include single player campaign which it was the reason it got delayed.

ifistbrowni634d ago (Edited 634d ago )

not interested in the single player. How fun could it be being an overpowered Jason killing AI? Even from a camper's perspective it still doesn't seem interesting.

What makes this game look like so much fun is the personal interactions. Seriously, watching people play on twitch was so funny. Getting in cars and taking off while apologizing in voice chat because there wasn't enough room for more passengers (leaving people to hike it on foot). Another moment I nearly died laughing from was during a youtube video someone was providing cover with a rifle (not the video creator) near an exit. He helped a number of people escape and one of the final survivors (a female 'punk rocker' character) was hiking it pretty good but she seemingly had low stamina and right before the exit the guy who helped so many escape decided to fire his rifle at the poor player who was just moments from escaping (killing her). It was so funny.

I very rarely watch youtube or twitch. This was a game I was just mildly curious about. It sounded cool but I would never have thought it would be a game for me, despite being a fan of Friday the 13th. After watching like 90 minutes of gameplay it has a much larger appeal to me as long as I can get a few friends to join me in the experience.

Kaneki-Ken634d ago

Bloody hell, mate. I didn't ask an explanation of how much you like the multiplayer perspective. Lol.

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