Five Great Games That Should Come To Backwards Compatibility Before Black Ops 2

ThisGenGaming says "We have all seen the desperate cries to see Black Ops 2 within the backwards compatibility program. With it having well over 200,000 votes, it is currently the most voted game to be entered into the backwards compatibility program. However there is many other games which would benefit the backwards compatibility system more and there’s many games which need to be added to the program before Black Ops 2. So we will be looking at 5 great games that need to be added to backwards compatibility before Black Ops 2, in no particular order."

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iliimaster1462d ago

why not mw2??? i dont get it

Shadow Man1462d ago

Silent hill HD collection

Automatic791462d ago

I want Metal Gear Revegeance, Assassins Creed Rogue, Ninja Gaiden, and the Original Xbox Ninja Gaiden.

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