The Best 'Tales of' Protagonists, Ranked Worst to First

Twinfinite Writes: The Tales series has been around for over 20 years, and seen many different protagonists. We break down the best heroes of the Tales series.

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Rangerman1208726d ago

Oh wow, Yuri managed to be in first place? Why am I not surprised.

ZeroX9876726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Tales of Vesperia was a fantastic game! Too bad the un-complete version was the only one we got overseas. I modded a PS3 and ordered the japanese copy just to play it with the additional content (which is a lot!) on the PS3 version.

Would love a Vesperia HD re-release on PS4. Vesperia is almost the only reason why I kept my 360 for so long.

GameBoyColor726d ago

Yuri is the goat in the tales series!

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