People are hacking their Animal Crossing: New Leaf towns, and it's beautiful

A Save Editor allows New Leaf players to customize their towns in ways the game won't normally allow. Learn how to do it yourself!

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Jurat636d ago

I love the idea of this tool and the spirit behind its development, although i can't help but feel it goes too much against the Animal Crossing grain. The best towns evolve organically over time - hacking them into perfect little utopias risks destroying some of their charm.

Although, I'd be willing to try this tool just to get Roscoe back in my village - I miss that little guy,

-Foxtrot636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

It kind of should allow that freedom anyway

That's why to me AC hasn't evolved enough. Even being the mayor I feel like I'm told what I can't do

Skate-AK636d ago

Should have ran for Governor.

636d ago
BlackIceJoe636d ago

Level editors like this are great and I wish Nintendo or other companies would allow stuff like this in their games.