Microsoft to Cancel Seinfeld/Gates Ads Tomorrow

VALLEYWAG reports:

"Remember those awful Microsoft ads with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates? Well, now you can forget them. Microsoft flacks are desperately dialing reporters to spin them about "phase two" of the ad campaign - a phase, due to be announced tomorrow, which will drop the aging comic altogether."


VALLEYWAG has updated their article with a statement from CPB, the agency behind the ads, announcing "Seinfeld spots already in the can will not be aired."

In contradiction, however, GamingSHOGUN (see "alternative sources") has reported that "Valleywag sources were wrong and Microsoft has not kicked out Seinfeld."

Gizmodo confirms that the ad campaign has not been canceled. See alternative sources.

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unsunghero283774d ago

I'm pretty disappointed by this. I don't say that because I'm some xbot or whatever who hungers over everything that Microsoft makes... really. I'm actually a PS3 man meself.

I say it because personally - and maybe I'm just unhip - I actually liked the ads. They had a non-sequitur humor that was funny in a daring sort of way. If nothing else, I felt as though they were just a couple of installments off from really hitting their comedic stride.

Ah well. They are no more.

okcomputer3774d ago

You're not the only one let down by this. I'm a big seinfeld fan, not really the show (although it is good), but moreso of his stand up. I disagree with you in that I think the commercials were terrible, but i would have liked to see them try again with another concept. Gates as a straight man to seinfeld sounded like a really funny idea, shame to see them throw it away completely.

Breakfast3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Bubbles for you!

And remember to never associate yourself with anything MS, or youll be labeled a robot.

Killjoy30003774d ago

Be careful using that word in this zone, buddy. Getting banned from the gamer zone for just 3 days sucks.

The Lazy One3774d ago

but they were still entertaining.

El_Colombiano3774d ago

No no Breakfast, not robot, Xbot!

Cenobia3774d ago

I'm actually disappointed as well. I thought the commercials were pretty funny, but I guess I can see why they removed them. They told us nothing about Microsoft products, it just seemed to be advertising that "Microsoft isn't as evil as you think."

Really this was a nice reprieve from some of the other commercials that insist on insulting my intelligence. I'd personally strangle each and every person involved in making those video game college ads.

At least they were funny while they lasted.

unsunghero283774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

is that they weren't really meant to advertise any specific Microsoft product. Lord knows that Microsoft has done a fine job of advertising their products with ads such as the Windows Mojave Experiment or their "Jump In" series. They were just meant to combat the nerdy image that was being given to them in Apple's "I'm a Mac" commercials.

But from the 1 Agree and 7 Disagrees currently on my first comment, I'm getting the vibe that they didn't succeed in that goal.

Got to it before I could, 1.6. =)

Millah3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

LMFAO this whole thing has been so terrible its hilarious. The only winner here is Jerry, does he still recieve his 10 million? I mean I thought it was pathetic enough that they actually created these series of ads and spent all that money, but I can't believe they managed to make themselves look even more pathetic and third-rate. The only thing the commercials showed everyone is that they really are out of touch, this just seals the deal, I like how the ads even emphasize it. Man this is all just so priceless.

@unsung heroe: Wait...did you actually just say they did a fine job advertising their products with the Mojave Experiment? Wow...

BrianC62343774d ago

I don't hate the ads but I also don't get them. I can't even remember what the ad is about. Well, I remember Bill Gates doing The Robot. And Jerry tells him to power down. Is the ad about doing some dancing?

Besides, isn't Jerry Seinfeld a Mac guy?

Leord3773d ago

I am of the opinion that the second one of these was terrific. I never saw the first one, but I thought it was brilliant.

It wasn't a commercial for Vista (thank GOD!), it was funny, and they took a bit of a piss out of themselves. I thought it was golden comedy.

There really is no other way to show them as "human" either. I am sad they stopped it.

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SnprSlick3774d ago

The first was meh. The second one was hilarious.

It's sad to see the wont build on it.

xhairs93774d ago

and the second one was still meh...

IzKyD13313774d ago

the first sucked, the second sucked

juuken3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

They sucked.

Let me say it a little louder.


I've seen better commercials than this.

ThatCanadianGuy3774d ago

haha.I knooooowwww everytime i see one of those commercials it just leaves me confused and very un-happy.

KiddyBrownTurd3774d ago

wait, u guys actually watch TV? LMFAO. that's sad.

juuken3774d ago

...Isn't it time for you to be in school kiddy?
I you can learn some common sense for a change?

KiddyBrownTurd3774d ago

why go back to school? I have a Bachelor's degree.

poor TV-watching monkey

juuken3774d ago

...And you act like a five year old?
I have a Bachelor's Degree as well.

ELite_Ghost3774d ago

any retard can get a bachelor, u prob took psychology! the easiest sh!t ever!

Spread Butt Cheeks3773d ago

Juuken, you are disgusting. Stop sitting on your fatass all day and hit the gym.

SlappyMcTaint3773d ago

Microsoft trying to be cool is like hearing your parents say, "for shizzle."

KiddyBrownTurd3773d ago

yeah, but you watch TV. So........

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air13774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

yea they did suck. now they just gata fire the ppl that made it with my money..

Panthers3774d ago

they didnt make any sense.

The Lazy One3774d ago

have you never seen an episode of seinfeld?

Raziel McGee3774d ago

and my god how they are terrible, just not that funny