What Happened To Retro’s Big New Game?

Retro Studios is most famous for the Metroid Prime trilogy, which reinvented Samus Aran for the 3D age. But for the last few years, Nintendo moved the company onto other projects—first Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010 and then Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which came out in February 2014. Since then most of Retro’s efforts have been focused on developing a new unknown game.

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ninsigma638d ago

Do I remember correctly that Nintendo hinted at a new metroid?? Maybe they've been put back on that franchise or they are making the next Donkey Kong for the Switch.

lizard81288637d ago

There are construction zones in New Donk City, so it is Expanding...

Big_Game_Hunters637d ago

If they blow their load a hey won't have a surprise for E3.

Utalkin2me637d ago

Gotta have a load to blow first.

NiteX637d ago

Hopefully all those rumors are true and they have a ton of exclusives coming. If not, they will be pretty screwed.

GamingSchnoz637d ago

days after the switch conference they had a FE conference. They are capable of holding back good announcements.

Pancit_Canton637d ago

They went retro.

They are probably working on NES and SNES BC. lol

Blu3_Berry637d ago

RUMOR, they are working on a game for Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.