5 Expansive CRPG Games You Can Play to Bide Your Time Until Torment: Tides of Numenera

If you want an immersive world to dive into while you wait for Torment, why not try one of these story-driven epics?

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slinky1234562678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

I really want Torment.. but the price point is just too much for me to go into it at launch. Gotta wait for a good sale for it.


Play the original Baldur's Gate games right now on Game Pass before Baldur's Gate 3

To make up for the Baldur's Gate 3 release window delay on Xbox, fans of the RPG franchise can expect Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate 2 to drop on Game Pass.

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Obscure_Observer294d ago

Looks like more quality RPGs are coming our way via Gamepass! Amazing News!

franwex293d ago

At this point it’s RPG Pass. I’m not complaining, I’ll sub again to try Starfield. Maybe even sooner than that if I beat FF16 in the next few weeks.

GhostScholar293d ago

Not even a quarter of games on game pass are rpgs. This is one of the reason Xbox has been trying to establish a better relationship with the Japanese devs and fans.

kythlyn293d ago

A few tips for BG1&2..
#1: Press the little red diamond thing. That's quick loot and will show you whatever is on the ground, including the contents of corpses. Saves a million clicks and is the difference between an unbearable looting experience and a somewhat tolerable one.
#2: Go into the menus and enable some autopause settings. Particularly for when you spot an enemy or a trap. Probably also on character death.
#3: Crowd control is more OP in these games than in any other RPG I've ever played in my life. Fear it. Abuse it.
#4: Be patient. These are not experiences to be rushed and would be better skipped than skimmed.

BrainSyphoned293d ago

At this point lore/recap videos are probably better if you are interested in BG3 but haven't played the originals.

kythlyn293d ago

I spent half of July playing BG1&2. They definitely have old game jank, and as I mentioned above, the crowd control is insanely broken. But if you can stomach the combat and have patience, they are definitely still worth playing. The amount of freedom the player is given is just astonishing, even with the standards of today (pretty impressive considering over 20 years have passed). Baldur's Gate II in particular reminded me why it's often considered the best CRPG ever made.


On The Eve Of Baldur's Gate 3, Baldur's Gate 2 Is The Perfect Appetizer

DualShockers Writes "The legendary RPG is free on Prime Gaming, and still has the old magic."

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The Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad

Let's take a step back into the good old days when Wi-Fi and data were nothing to worry about and look at the very Best Offline iPhone Games.

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