PalGN: Star Wars: Clone Wars Preview

PalGN writes: "Star Wars is a franchise that just refuses to die. Apparently six different movies along with a large number of other references throughout pop culture including television, comic books, novels, and other forms of media including some video games with entirely original narratives or spins on the concept, it seems that the Star Wars juggernaut is never-ending.

The recent release of the entirely animated film entitled Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a sign that we're probably going to be stuck hearing about lightsabers and Ewoks for a long time to come. Apparently unaware of the idea of 'beating a dead horse', an inevitable and entirely unsurprising twist comes in the form of a new video game of the same name being released in the very near future. What makes this logical step in money-making interesting is that the game is a Wii and Nintendo DS exclusive; the surprising twist being that it's actually not that bad at all."

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