Is Sony's PSVR Doomed Heading Into 2017?

Sony themselves certainly isn’t talking about it much. Despite being more than happy to boast about how PS4 and PS4 Pro have now amassed over 50 million sales, they have yet to publicly comment on how many units PSVR has sold.

-Foxtrot2741d ago

If it's not selling aswell as they thought then I hope they just man up, accept it and move on. Put it on the back burner so one day they can come back to it with better tech and try again.

I just don't want to see them waste time and money on it then force it out along with the PS5.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2741d ago

How much would anyone care to wager that Forbes makes another "PSVR is going to flop" article next week when Sony releases another shipment to retailers?

naruga2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@ Foxtrot agree......i said it form the start PSVR is a very risky (toward to fail) gadget for the moment......Sony should never had invested/involved with VR generally and instead give these resources for game deals/development ...i hope they ditch it soon, move on with plethora of games and a gimmick free PS5, PSVR is only dragging them behind

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IamTylerDurden12740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

It's funny that as soon as stock appears to be on the horizon and with the biggest VR game about to release we see these negative, bs articles. It's ridiculous bc PSVR has had massive shortages due to manufacturing problems with the RGB screens, it has been virtually unavailable since launch in America. If Sony was able to stock as many headsets as needed the sales numbers would've been twice what they are now. Demand was there, stock wasn't.

sampson31212740d ago

i knew it was a Forbes article when i read the title. lol

badz1492740d ago

@-Foxtrot, @naruga

come on, how can you call it a failure when they are selling out almost everywhere. it's hard to find in stores and they got sold out as soon as they got restocked. most in Asia hasn't even get them yet! I know this because even the best game store here in my area has not been able to get their hands on it since launch! it seems like they are struggling to meet demand as it is and here you guys are, calling it a failure! here, it's not just PSVR, even the Pro is a hard catch! always sold out.

can we just wait until the device itself is readily available and collecting dust in store shelve and stock before calling it a failure? the PSVR and Pro both!

Eonjay2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Right. We already know that they are having production issues which explains why there isn't any anywhere except for 2x or 3x the MSRP. There are none folks. Lets hope they can address these issues soon.

Death2740d ago

Can someone point to an article where Sony says there are manufacturing problems holding back stock? It's pure speculation that is production problems. It very well could be Sony committing to a smaller number to keep them from sitting on shelves. VR overall is selling relatively slow. To expect Sony to sell much more is unfair.

ServerBOT2740d ago

Their articles are cringe-worthy and pedantic.

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darthv722741d ago

the current problem with VR is something I have been saying for awhile. It is to limiting in the delivery of the experience. Meaning that it is geared for a singular experience instead of allowing multiple people to play each with their own HMD on the same system.

Sony focused on making it work as the best individual experience when they should have dialed things back to make it work with multiple people at the same time (or at least two). Maybe couch co-op isnt as big a thing as it used to be but if an opportunity arose that created the need for two people to be in their own HMD experience but be playing on the same system in the same room then yeah... go for it.

It would be the next generation of split screen only with each person having their own dedicated screen. As it is I like how it works but it is just limited by design. Perhaps PSVR 2.0 will allow for more than one user at a time.

MyDietEqualsGames2740d ago

Software is the problem. Let's see what follows after RE7 and also how RE7 is received for VR.

Nicaragua2740d ago

How is VR different from all the other games which do not have split screen? Are they also limiting in the delivery of the experience?

Errrr no.

And to be honest i dont think there is a majority of PSVR users out there screaming for couch co-op. Those who want multiplayer interaction are more than catered for with Rigs, Battlezone and Valkyrie.

FITSniper2740d ago

Current consoles and even most PCs even don't have the power to handle multiple VR headsets for multiple users. At least not in any kind of immersive, realistic experience.

IamTylerDurden12740d ago

PSVR is the MOST multiplayer centric VR HMD on the market. There are numerous asynchronous and regular multiplayer games. Playroom VR and Keep Talking Nobody Explodes have asynchronous multiplayer that allows multiple ppl to play on the same PS4. Battlezone has a co op campaign and games like Rigs, Eagle Flight, World War Toons, Holoball, and Eve Valkyrie are very multiplayer based. Werewolves Within allows a group of real ppl to be together, sitting next to each other chatting.

rainslacker2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

While an interesting outlook, it seems the monetary investment for having multiple VR's set up for co-op/multi-player is likely prohibitive at this point in time for the average consumer. It's not like just hooking up a 2nd controller.

Online could make this more feasible, but lag is an issue there, however there are a couple online MP experiences out there....which is probably the only practical way to do it for now for the average consumer.

Sadly, this is the first gen of VR. I'd imagine it's going to take time for it to get to where you have local MP, and I think that Sony focusing on the SP experience is likely more due to practical reasons than lack of interest in MP.

I do think something where you have on on screen display for some players, and one with the HMD as an opponent could lead to some interesting game play concepts. I now Nintendoland had a pretty cool hide and seek game which used the game pad for a private screen. I'm not sure if it's technically possible though with the hardware.

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PapaBop2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

How is it supposed to sell well when they are no units to sell? Outside of the inflated prices thanks to scalpers, there are no units to buy from UK retailers at least. Also your suggestion wouldn't work at all.. not even with Sony's large fanbase could they get away with dropping support this early.. even though they won't but if they did, nobody would trust them anymore with these sort of tech pushing endeavours and why should they?

TFJWM2740d ago

Yes exactly at the main US retailers it is still sold out as well

spawnwavemedia2740d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Are they really that hard to get? I was just at my local Wal-Mart and they had a self full of them (probably like 6 or so total.)

Edit: went back by Walmart to double check. They currently have 2 left represented by dummy boxes out front. So yeah my Walmart seems to have them in stock. Picture below was taken while I was there just now.


thorstein2740d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

@spawn.... no they didn't. Walmart only has them through 3rd party retailers. All scalpers.

EDIT: Spawn.... Gamestop has dummy boxes too, doesn't mean they are in stock.

Markusb332739d ago

Exactly it's been out of stock since November in the uk. Same as the pro console. I think res evil and far point will deliver but stock in the uk is not arriving until February. Every store is taking name and deposits.it's too early to write this off yet and bs articles do not help. In fact it's what's wrong with this industry so much negativity and people thriving on negative views.

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gamer78042740d ago

"accept it and PSMove on." fixed it!

guyman2740d ago

I couldnt help but laugh, good one😂

drunkenspy0072740d ago

It's sold out, how is it not selling as well as they thought? Where do you get such bad info? I hope not from forbes; their articles are 3rd rate at best.

IamTylerDurden12740d ago

It's not selling as well bc it was sold out for months and Sony was having trouble manufacturing the RGB screens so they were unable to restock. This is common knowledge and i feel like ppl like you are just trying to spread negativity. Everybody knows that demand was huge and that there were massive shortages. But it seems like stock is finally coming in, so sales can now presume.

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I2740d ago

I've been waiting since launch for someone to have them around me they have been sold out since.

Now with your assumption why can't Nintendo put out any more of the Nintendo classics? Supply was gone weeks before Christmas and it is still sold out. Hell you could make an emulator with more games, better specs and as many roms as you want with the home brew kits so it shouldn't be hard for a giant like Nintendo to create something as easy you could in your living room right?

rainslacker2740d ago


It's not always so easy. It's a matter of sourcing.

I mean, demand was high before release, and you couldn't even preorder because those were sold out.

I do believe companies would do everything in their power to try and meet demand, but I don't think that was possible this time. At some point, they were able to get what they needed to make more, but it still takes time to manufacture and distribute, which is why things are trickling out now, and most of those are already sold too.

I do hope Sony gets going with it soon though. They could be using these shortages to try and drive up the hype, but they really aren't doing that. Which is why these doom articles are kind of off base. If they were having trouble selling them, or thought they would have more than they could sell, they certainly would be trying to increase demand through hype.

Of course, I wouldn't expect a financial focused site like Forbes to understand that, but it's pretty evident that there aren't problems with selling the system.