Def Jam: Icon IGN Impressions

Your fighters have a number of attacks that they can launch against their opponents, such as punches, kicks and grabs. Players can vary these attacks by throwing different directional modifiers in with these strikes, so players can knock an enemy to either the left, right or backwards along with just pounding them into the ground. Of course, depending on how you string these moves together, you can create different combos. But here's where the music comes in. Your music will play louder and stronger depending on how well you've been fighting, and that will boost the strength of your attacks, letting you knock enemies around much farther. This means that as time goes on and opponents get weaker, you'll be able to fling them halfway across the screen as you get an adrenaline rush from your song...

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UrbanJabroni5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

By posting a multi-platform game as "exclusive" by not including all release consoles you are leading to even more distress on this site. The preview may have been of the PS3 version, but given that the _preview_ material applies to all consoles, mark it as such...especially given that the word PS3 isn't even mentioned IN the article.

If a game is to be released on both platforms, regardless of the of whether the article is on a PS3 or 360 site, then the news should be posted to BOTH platforms.

Let's pretend for a second that some of us are actually interested in playing games rather than the pointless fanboy crap on this site. Don't you think maybe 360 consumers would like as much information as possible on a game they may be looking forward to?

Again, stop polarizing the crowds and igniting flame wars and just post it to both sides.

Genki5228d ago

but I didn't know it was multiplatform, as it really isn't a game I'm particularly interested in. I saw an article that I figured would interest some people and decided to post it, nothing more, nothing less.

Havince5228d ago

MY GOD. He just posted an article for a gmae thats released on 360. Yes its PS3 aswell, but no need 2 rabbit on at him, if he isnt interested in PS3 he wouldnt post it on p3s bit i know i wouldnt because id be only interested in letting fellow 360 owners know.