Five Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch, To Nintendo Switch

ThisGenGaming says "Nintendo’s next console has been all the rave the past couple days. Pre-orders are selling out, videos are being released, gameplay shown – and even the list of games that can be expected. So should you jump on the crazy train and get the Switch? Here are 5 reasons why"

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PhoenixUp1469d ago

How can you list revisiting the Wii era as a quirk for why to get the Switch. That market has long since left to go onto the mobile market. Besides motion controls aren't so special nowadays since they're prevalent in various other things, especially VR.

The fact that that App support is being listed as a reason just confirms the author is a corporate shill. Only a slave to PR would say that a console that has parental controls linked to a smartphone or locking voice chat to an app instead of being native to the console itself is a selling feature.

Moonman1469d ago

Wii had some great games so you can't take someone else's opinion and dog them out for it. I can imagine Wii having nostalgia for anyone who grew up with it. Super Mario Galaxy is a classic. The Joy-Cons are awesome and stop being salty Nintendo made them first.

PhoenixUp1469d ago

Yeah I'm salty that Nintendo is chasing after a market that already abandoned them 😕

Moonman1469d ago

63 million 3DS's is so abandoned. The whole planet seemingly playing Pokémon Go last summer to the tune of $950,000,000 in 6 months of revenue is soooo abandoned. We'll see just how abandoned they are March 3rrd.

PhoenixUp1469d ago

Why dafuq are you talking about 3DS when I was talking about Wii?

The people who play a game on a device they already own aren't indictative of the audience that will spend $300 for a console and more on expensive accessories.

Wii U's disappointing install base is all the proof you need to see how the audience that supported Wii abandoned Nintendo. To continue to chase after such a fickle market is foolish

Moonman1469d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I won't feed the trolls.

PhoenixUp1469d ago

You're not indicave of the entire market. The fact that Wii had an install base of 101 million and Wii U has an install base of 13 million just speaks for itself.

The people who bought a DS migrated over to 3DS, an even there was some abandonment considering the userbase dropped from 153 million to 63 million.

Most the casual market that supported Nintendo's platforms in the 7th gen have abandoned them. They aren't coming back. They moved onto mobile devices. The facts are right in front of you. To deny it is just crazy.

MVGeneral1469d ago

I agree with all your points. But you can't argue with these guys who belong to the nintendo-fanboy-cult. They have Stockholm syndrome or something.

It's obvious that nintendo wii sold well because of its low price point (compared to the competition at the time ps3/x360) and it's new motion controls and it's casual market exposure.

The wiiu was completely abandoned.

The 3ds only sold well because of its 3d novelty (it was launched when the 3d craze happened thanks to Cameron's avatar and 3d movies) + it's price + it's portability + library of games.

Nintendo has lost touch with its core gamers.
I don't see the switch selling because no one is in no need of a home console, that is inferior, and is limited and restricted because it is moonligting as a portable device. And no one is in need of a large and bulky portable device that will give 2.5hrs battery, as not everyone takes the bus or plane daily. And people also have portable devices already (a high powered smartphone) that does everything (game, movies, music, social media, talk/call, text, browse Web and etc.) Portable gaming is becoming irrelevant except for mobile gaming.

Moonman1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


Utalkin2me1468d ago


And only 15 million 3ds in the US. And far as Go matters it had a like a 40% decrease in just the first month and pretty much non existent now, which btw has nothing to do with Nintendo other then them owning a small stock in Pokemon.

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Maybay1469d ago

You should be called "Phoenix Down," the way you revive the rivalry between fans of different gaming companies (Final Fantasty joke).

jmc88881468d ago

That's a laughable list. Paid app on your phone for chat is spun as good and compatible for a device that can't run Wii/Wii U/3DS games? Even though Wii U could do Wii. The Switch simply is not compatible. Needing to switch to a fairly similar architecture as others is necessary, but it comes at the cost of compatibility.

But my god, the author actually put out the notion that a phone app is needed for chat because there was some massive drawback to using central servers from Sony and Microsoft for chat. Yeah that grand resource sucker of party chat.

The one about game selection/3rd parties is laughable.

Ubisoft had SIX launch titles for Wii U. In other words, more then there are Switch games total at launch. Ubisoft then proceeded to have 3 more in the next 4 months. Including games like Need For Speed Most Wanted U. 9 total titles in the first four months of Wii U from one developer.

Switch is launching with FIVE games TOTAL among all publishers, including Nintendo. With not that many at all for the coming year. 80 planned in the first three years.

It seems in the first two months Wii U got a similar amount of titles that Switch is planning on getting this whole year (10 months). That's another thing, people keep comparing 2 months of Wii U to 10 months of Switch. Which is just ludicrous.

EA had three at Wii U launch including Mass Effect 3 (a little late, by about 8 months... but people are clamoring for Skyrim which will be 6 years old can't say it's good for Skyrim and yet it was bad for Wii U to get 6-12 month old ports for some AAA 3rd party games, and far more of them).

Isn't it funny that Switch is launching the same month (after being delayed of course from fall) as Mass Effect Andromeda, and of course Switch isn't getting it.

WB's had 4 including Scribblenauts and Batman Arkham City. Activision had Call of Duty, Skylanders, Transformers, a month later 007 Legend, and within a few months Injustice Gods Among us... There were others as well.

jmc88881468d ago

Launch titles included games like Assassin's Creed III, Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA, Mass Effect 3, Sonic Racing, and more.

Now Ubisoft has games like Just Dance (which also came on Wii U at launch) and then Steep. Sadly I hear people assuming Steep is an arcade snowboarding game. It isn't. It's far more simulation then fun, arcade-y winter sports.

Meanwhile South Park would seem like a great Nintendo title and also is launching near Switch launch, but nope, not getting that.

There's no EA Madden, there is a PS3/360 based FIFA but not until fall, No Call of Duty, No AC.... the list goes on and on and on.

EA didn't announce any of their other big games coming out this year like Battlefront 2, or maybe a port of something that could work with Nintendo fans in Plants Vs Zombies franchise.

Ubisoft also made a game from the ground up for Wii U... Zombi U, and had it available at launch, and used the gamepad in ways few titles after it even tried.

The Call of Duty was also from the ground up and used the gamepad also in ways few titles after it even tried. Calling in killstreaks and pinpointing where they hit on the map was pretty amazing.

Developers actually put in a lot of effort to launch Wii U. When it flopped they left, and with Switch they aren't doing anything like this. One toe in with safe games like FIFA and Just Dance, and trying to push a struggling new franchise with Steep.

The simple fact is, there is almost no selection with Switch, and there is far less games then Wii U had. There were some very nice games on Wii U. Nothing stellar at launch like GOTY material Zelda could be, but people knocking Wii U simply are seeing things through Switch colored glasses. Meanwhile you can get Zelda on Wii U.

Also because you can get Zelda for Wii U on disc, you will be able to play it on a decent PC with CEMU at much higher resolutions and generally framerate as well.

Region Free is just a... about time thing.

Wii Revisited? Wii U kept motion controls... it's not like Wii U didn't have access to them.

It's pretty sad that these five reasons are either spin, obfuscation, or something that should of been done a decade or so ago.

Jalapeno1467d ago

My five reasons for getting a Switch:

1. Play it ANYWHERE.
2. Region free games.
3. Play it the way you want to.
4. You can play games with someone on the go.
5. Increased software output from Nintendo.