How Microsoft Should Handle E3 2017 After A Disastrous Start To The Year

ThisGenGaming says "Xbox is starting the new year off on a bad foot with the cancellation of Scalebound, a game that had been in development for several years, and was an exclusive to the platform. The lack of exclusive titles is becoming a real problem for Xbox, and from what I have read lately they are aware of it."

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spoonard1468d ago

Microsoft E3 Presenter: Hey everyone! We don't really have much to show or talk about concerning the Xbox One...but we have this hardware BEAST coming out in a few months...that we don't really have any games for...BUT SINCE YOU ALL ARE SLAVES TO THE BRAND YOU'LL LOVE IT, RIGHT????

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rainslacker1466d ago

It'll be revolutionary because now you can input two HDMI inputs, and watch them both at the same time, while browsing the internet, while playing a game. If you hook up a Switch, and a PS4, you can play multi-plat games on all three at the same time, using a single controller. It'll change the way we play games.

They'll also do away with all the Football talk, and instead they'll focus on being able to watch ESports, because it's a game machine, and that's what gamers care about.

PhoenixUp1468d ago

One cancellation is all it takes to be considered a disastrous start? Not even a slew of shortcomings and other mishaps?

AngelicIceDiamond1467d ago

That are in the past? Sure lets continue to talk about the past for no reason instead of focusing on what they need to do in the future. Bringing up the past for the millionth time is a great idea where do you come up with this?

Rude-ro1467d ago

You can only predict the future by examining the past... that is why so many consumers lack any faith in Microsofts products.

Overload1467d ago

When you have a limited amount of upcoming games, cancellations are a big deal.

The reaction kind of shows you how limited the line up already was if anything.

Godmars2901467d ago

Thought it was two? Three and two studio closings if counting Phantom dust.

medman1466d ago

Multiple cancellations, multiple closed studios, multiple cancelled projects. It's all adding up to not looking good for Microsoft's gaming ambitions, whatever they are at this point. They seem to be regressing, instead of progressing.

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PistolsAtDawn1468d ago

Wait...what??? Cancelling ONE game is a disasterous start? Wow, then Switch's reveal and PS shutting down a whole studio must be detramental right?

DashArrivals1467d ago

This was a massive AAA game in development for over 4 years. Promised to Xbox fans and shown many times. Microsoft paid for this thing for over 4 years. It's more of a disaster to the brand of Xbox that anything else by the longest of margins. It was an unmitigated disaster.

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gangsta_red1467d ago

Yea, it was disappointing but disastrous? Hardly.

Chevalier1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

They canceled 4 games in 2 years and had like 7 studios closed and most of Xbox games have been delayed or canceled. So yeah it's not just one game like you suggest, it's one of a trail of cancelations.

Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Fable Legends and Project Spark canceled ring any bells?

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AngelicIceDiamond1467d ago

Couple in Scorpio revealing with games. The reason for this is to not spend too much time on Scorpio alone they can talk about the hardware while showcasing the games that'll take advantage of it. In terms of Ip's MS has OG Xbox games they can bring back they have a sizable amount, understandingly MS is lacking teams for it but I think they have enough to work on 1 or 2 OG Xbox games. Develop them as AAA status.

That last bit is more or less wishful thinking but Scorpio/games reveal and maybe announce a new AAA team Something MS desperately needs.

gangsta_red1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

This is what worries me the most for Xbox's E3 this year. That they will spend too much time talking about the Scorpio plus sharing their stage with EA and having someone talk about GWENT (smdh) and not talking about their own games.

IMO, MS should do everything possible to show off Scorpio before E3 like they did with their X1 reveal.

Say what you want about the Switch but one thing I like about Nintendo is they spend their conference showcasing their own games.

"...but I think they have enough to work on 1 or 2 OG Xbox games. Develop them as AAA status."

Agreed, was talking on here in another article on some of the games they could turn into the next big thing.

AngelicIceDiamond1467d ago

Phil mentioned there probably won't be a separate console reveal but E3 Scorpio will take the main stage. That kinda sucks they need to get as much buzz as possible with Scorpio by having its own thing like the X1 and leave E3 for mostly games. Pacing will be everything for MS this E3.

I agree they can't drag on any game like they did with GWENT or at least let it be a big AAA game they have to promote then that's ok. Overall the Scorpio reveal needs to be deliberate short and to the point games wise they need to spend no more than 5 min on each, maybe more on the big AAA games.

XXanderXX1467d ago

Cancel one game and the rest of new year is garbage wow talk about being a bit over dramatic. . They probably have other things in motion to make up for this issue . so am gonna hold up a bit before calling the year blown.

Goldby1467d ago

its an unfortunate start to the year, not disastrous.

Yes they have cancelled a game alot of people were looking forward to, including myself, but it wasn't the only game they ahve scheduled for release. hopefully they ahve a few 2017 releases for E3

rainslacker1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

If they had other things announced to look forward to, then the cancellation would have been easier to stomach. Since they don't, people didn't stomach it.

It's not like this is the first game to ever get cancelled. But when you have plenty of other things to look forward to, you just accept it as OK, and not the loss of one of the more compelling reasons to own a console which you spent significant money on.

I do agree it's not a disaster. That'll come later if MS fails to fill the gap that came with SB, and the less than stellar lineup they now have.

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