Dragon Quest Heroes 4, switch comparison

Dragon Quest Heroes 4, switch comparison.

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naruga1469d ago

it would be news if it wasnt ....

lxtrxi1469d ago

Looks like it could be a PS Vita port too, many visual downgrade similarities to the two versions.

Vhampir1469d ago

Well duh, Switch and Vita both use ARM Cortex based processors. It'd be a lot more work to start off with AMD64.

Omeganex99991469d ago


They do, but the Switch is much, MUCH more powerful than the Vita. But there's no doubts that portings will never take full advantage of the console.

In portable mode is going to be amazing.

thekhurg1469d ago

Let me guess. Thisgengaming's next article is going to be titled "Water is Wet!"

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Eonjay1469d ago

Well of course we would expect the more powerful machine to produce higher facility results, as we would the Scorpio to outperform the PS4. Or that dual Titan X setup on YouTube vs anything. It's perfectly normal.

bouzebbal1469d ago

This game isn't the most demanding

Ron_Danger1468d ago


Which really says something about the Switch's power. A console releasing 4 years later at the same price shouldn't be this noticeably weaker. The Switch really is a WiiU 2.0.

bouzebbal1468d ago

Dragon Quest heroes 4, ok!

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Nu1469d ago

I knew something was off right away. Glad it's confirmed now.

XanderZane1469d ago

Does the SWITCH start a new generation?

Profchaos1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

No not really it's more so just doing its own thing in the corner like the moody teenager who doesn't really care to join in your conformist generation games.

Although maybe it starts a new hand-held console generation?

kneon1468d ago


Except it's too big to be a viable handheld for most people. It's not good as a mobile device and underpowered as a console, that's why I'm expecting the Wii U all over again.

Kokyu1468d ago


Not to mention its battery life will be a major downfall makeing almost useless as a portiable gaming machine.

XanderZane1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Why did I get disagrees? I was asking a question. lol!!

Well it's a game console first from what Reggie is telling us. Being portable like a handheld is an option for gamers. Nintendo will market this as a game console and it's seems to be different and a bit similar to the Wii & Wii U. So why wouldn't it be a new generation? Even the Wii U started a new generation. Would Scorpio be part of generation 9 as well?

Well, because it does matter to gamers who care about console generations. When a brand new hardware is released it should be decided as to what generation it will be a part of.

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Zeldafan641469d ago

Who cares? I know I don't and I know a lot of others don't as well. Why make such a big deal out of something that doesn't matter?

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Letthewookiewin1469d ago

I can't wait to play this friggin game the first was so good.

DC7771468d ago

Well considering DQH is gorgeous on PS4, this is very disappointing from new tech, with a cartoony game.

If this is really the tv version of this game it's a terrible prediction of what's to come.

Kokyu1468d ago


Its not even Wii U 2.0 its more Wii U .25.

XanderZane1468d ago

Yeah, but it's not a Wii U. It's not even called a Wii at all.

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sinjonezp1469d ago

Yea that downgrade is scary bad looking. Like they took out everything almost all the effects shadows and textures

DragonDDark1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I'm so shocked by this news. *Chew*

Cybermario1469d ago

i was expecting a MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA gif haha

Nu1469d ago

The coach looks utterly disappointed at my favorite football team..

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PhoenixUp1469d ago

Well that's not surprising all things considered. Expect the same downgrade to happen for Dragon Quest XI.

I just hope Square Enix releases this compilation later on for PS4

blackblades1469d ago

Expect a downgrade for alot of games.

Ron_Danger1468d ago

Not if you compare the Switch version of games to the Vita version that they'll be ported from.

-Foxtrot1469d ago

We shouldn't see this happen to a console which is a generation ahead.

The PS4 is probably half way, or a little over half way through it's life cycle and this is happening. Can you imagine what would happen when more developers take advantage of the Pro or Scorpio...they are just mid gen consoles aswell.

God knows what will happen once the PS5/Nextbox comes out.

EddieNX 1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yes, but 1 is portable and one isn't so ... They didnt just make a weak home console did they, they made a really powerful handheld that docks.

I'm sorry this is taking some of you so long to understand. The ps4 is massive compared to the switch tablet.

Edit - thank you edmix first of all

Where is it bring advertised as a home console? Its a hybrid , taking home console games on the go. All of the processors are in the tablet and you can use it entirely as a handheld, the dock is simply to connect it to TV. If the dock had processers in it, then I'd agree its not a handheld.

Sm30001469d ago

Reggie said the reason why the switch won't get street pass is bc it's first and foremost a console

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1469d ago

I am sorry you haven't been reading all the information and interviews, it is a HOME console that has the option to be portable. Reggie even said that it's a home console with this feature and that at this time, the 3DS is their portable alternative for portable only gaming. So with that in mind, you should indeed be comparing it to OTHER HOME CONSOLES. Yes, I just yelled that.

andrewsquall1469d ago

Thanks Captain Hindsight. Its taken some of us this long to understand? This time last week before Friday's disaster it was more powerful than a standard PS4.
Oh and understand that every single comparison on the Switch has been direct comparisons to everything the Wii U was and the 3DS hardly getting mentioned ever except when I did it right there.

kamisama1469d ago

Nintendo themselves are calling it a home console first with the option to go handheld.

_-EDMIX-_1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I don't disagree with you and The Logical sense as I completely understand what you're talking about, but a lot of this has to do with perception Nintendo has been marketing this as a Home console so why do you think these comparisons would it happen?

I honestly think it was a stupid decision for them to continuously call this a Home console despite knowing that is the area where they fail the most in and they're probably best off marketing this to their handheld install base.

I'm sorry but the same argument can be made about the PSP or really any handheld if you factor all handhelds that release are more powerful than the previous consoles that released.

I just don't see that as a big enough draw.

@sm and cdn- that's nice but at the end of the day this isn't portable you see people walking around with the damn device in their own Marketing in parks and other areas I'm sorry but there's no denying what you see what your own damn eyes.

Might be the dumbest thing I've read in a very long time.

If Nintendo told you it was daytime and you clearly saw it was night time, would they defined that for you too? So what you guys are telling me is you're just pushing all logic and Common Sense aside because the company said so?


I'm sorry but it's a portable.

I'm pretty positive the PSP 3000 having a cord to allow it to play on the television didn't suddenly not make it a portable........

A cord doesn't make my phone, not a portable simply because I could play it on the television.

Sorry folks, but a hand-held simply describes a device that could be used on the go nothing more...

You can use this on the go , that is not something that is a degree of , that is an absolute , it an either or you either can or you can't , it cannot be somewhat of a portable.

it's either portable or it is not.

I could take this with me on the train in use it to play games wirelessly with no other electricity Source other than a battery....

That's a handheld folks I have no clue why anyone still desperately trying to argue this

freshslicepizza1469d ago


problem is nintendo is marketing this as a console that can be portable instead of the other way around. i guess this way they can charge $60 for games like bomberman.

Knushwood Butt1469d ago

Lol, tell that to monkeyman

MRMagoo1231469d ago

the switch isn't much of a handheld either, unless handhelds need you to carry around a bag to carry it in because it's too big for pockets of any kind. the consoles gonna fail unfortunately for Nintendo

pleasuretokill1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yeah, and handheld gaming is garbage. No use for it at all, whatsoever. So..... bye Nintendo. I have no use at all for a $300 underpowered, garbage home console. Sorry, but I'm done with gimmicks. I want power, amazing graphics, highest resolutions possible, ultra high frame rates and total immersion. PC is the future for sure. PS4 Pro and Scorpio are headed in the right direction.

Cybermario1469d ago

Fact, it's a home console and it is why there wont be Street Pass which is a portable feature. David Young, Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations, confirms in interviews IT IS a home console not a portable that dock to a TV. But hey you get a cookie for being passionate (but misinformed)

_-EDMIX-_1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

@cyber- "IT IS a home console not a portable"

Ummmmm ok.

so when the entire world saw this product of people playing it on basketball courts and trains and on airplanes we were just seeing things?


This is the level of stupidity we're talking about regarding this fan base folks..

So the switch is in portable everyone /s lol

So exactly what do you call a product that you could use on the go anywhere with an LCD screen with a battery?

That certainly isn't a portable? If not what exactly is it?

This is the saddest crap I've ever seen of a fanbase so damn desperate to be in the conversation of console they're ready to ignore all logic and Common Sense.

Nintendo's presentation even had a slide that called it a handheld....

So even Nintendo is wrong? Lol

I'm sorry but this is just the dumbest load of crap I've heard from this community in an extremely long time.

The delusion regarding this is just hilarious.

So all this talk about battery life is just lies?


You guys seriously can't get over that this company made a handheld that could play on the TV?

This is the most delusional denial I've seen from a fanbase literally in the entire history of gaming.

I've never seen something quite like this.

There's a person playing at in the park in their own promotional videos that you have a series of cult Fanatics desperately saying it is not a handheld despite the company saying so and despite the person in the previews all playing at outside of the living room.....

Dark_Knightmare21469d ago

Dude people like you can make excuses for the switch all day every day about how it's a handheld and not a console but nobody is going to believe it because it's not true. It's a hybrid most def but it's looked at has a console first and foremost,it's being sold at a console price and no matter how it's spun it's underpowered and overpriced just like Nintendo always does and just like the last few generations bar the anomaly of the wii it won't sell.

vickers5001469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Yo, EDMIX: I have a request for you. From now on, when you comment, can you not make so many separate paragraphs and instead, bunch them together into bigger chunks? Everytime I see your well thought out and detailed comments I want to read them, but damn, it's a huge wall of text I have to keep scrolling through on my phone and sometimes I just gotta skip because it's too much. Maybe do like 3 or 4 big paragraphs for most of your comments.

Not telling you to do anything, just politely asking. You're in most comment articles I read so I just thought I'd ask. If not, then fine, no biggie.

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Stapleface1469d ago

It has a mobile chip and can be taken on the go. It's a portable. The dock has no hardware. All the hardware is in the portable tablet/console. It can be taken on the go and played without a tv. It can be taken on the go. Did I say that already? Maybe people keep missing it. It can be taken with you any where. Nintendo told me water wasn't wet so it isn't. The Switch can be taken anywhere. That makes it a portable. That's like saying a laptop is a desktop pc just because someone said so.

DC7771469d ago

Yeah but it's supposed to do both.

SegaGamer1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I don't know why you are getting so many disagree's, what you are saying is true. How can people disagree with facts ?

Also, even if Nintendo were marketing this as a home console capable of being a handheld, it doesn't change anything. We all know where it's strength's lie.

Emme1468d ago

Gamespot interview, just onr of many examples: Reggie explicitly calls it home console.

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Ravenor1469d ago

Because graphics are the only driver for purchases of a console, of course. That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it. It's not even out yet and it's going to have the unfortunate climb of having to deal with ports from x86 to ARM, judging it purely from a W-Force game that isn't out yet and won't be there at launch?

And at the end of the day Eddie and Edmix are right, regardless of what Nintendo says it's a device that has to fit within the parameters of a handheld. That means they're always going to be throttled with what they can do power wise and heat wise, judging this as a 1:1 with current consoles simply doesn't work.

nevin11469d ago

"Because graphics are the only driver for purchases of a console, of course. That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it. "

PS2 won via its massive library.

_-EDMIX-_1469d ago

Their fan base cannot take facts.

apparently they have no idea what defines a portable device

At the end of the day the appeal intro of this is that it can be taken on the go as well as put on a television.

....Like the PSP 3000 like the PSP Go.

I'm not entirely sure how anyone is not fully understanding that the design of this platform was clearly made for portability the actual system itself is not the dock.

The CPU and GPU clearly needed to be modified to fit a handheld

The screen is made for a handheld.

The heatsink on the motherboard is designed for a handheld

So I'm not entirely sure where the stupidity is coming from from this install base of fans to continuously desperately try to pretend it fits in the console category in regards to Standalone device only created to play on the television.

It is very clear that the design and the parts used were clearly mainly used to make the device portable.

The main draw of this damn device is that it could be both so why on Earth are idiots on here desperately trying to pretend it's suddenly not a portable? So exactly what are they doing with the device when they pick it up and start walking around outside? So what this install base is telling me is all of us are just seeing an illusion and it's not really portable at all? Even with video evidence in the damn company telling you it's handheld they're desperately trying to say otherwise?

This is the type of desperation you're seeing from Nintendo the fan base of trying to be in the conversation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch when Nintendo goes phone only they're going to desperately try to say cell phones are not portable too lol

So I see a lot of disagrees but I don't see a lot of answers to exactly what the switch is if not a portable what do you call a device that you could walk around with it freely and use with an LCD screen along with the battery? Is that not a portable?

It sounds to me like a lot of you guys are salty that many people called a long time ago they were probably going to go portable only....

I could take this with me on the go and I could use it.

That is a portable regardless of the architecture, regardless of the power, regardless of the games.

Portable simply means functionality on the go and you have this bizarre cult-like Fanatics of Fanboys that are desperately trying to pretend that this does not fit the definition despite the company itself saying so despite the entire draw of the device being that it's both the name is even switch to tell you that it can be both.

But by default it must be a portable before I did anything else.

The entire Hardware was designed to work as a portable and must be designed to work that way.

A simple chord could put your damn phone on the television...

But in order to make all that technology portable more goes into designing a telephone than simply the cord that outs it to the television.

My phone was created to be portable.

Nothing special had to happen to my phone to allow it to run off of a television..

But clearly the construction of my phone took lots of research and lots of engineering to be run portable.

Not the cord folks.

You're not seeing much for supplies trying to dispute this because they're still desperately trying to pretend that they're still in the conversation of home console gaming.

This is a handheld masquerading as a home console

City19791469d ago

The ps2 won after the success of the ps1, games and it had a DVD player. The original Xbox was more powerful but launched late in that generation.

AcidDvl1468d ago

"That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it." That a ridiculous statement. LOOOL
"The PlayStation 2 not only won its console race, but it’s also the best-selling gaming system of all time with around 150 million."

BVFTW1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

EDMIX, I just wanted to point out two holes in your arguments:

*I can use my phone as a portable console with a cord, the cord goes to the phone but I can play with a controller, away from my phone.

*The Switch's CPU and GPU didn't needed to be modified to fit a handheld because Nvidea Tegra tech is mobile tech, its ARM based.

But I agree that Switch is a powerfull handheld-tablet that can act as a capable console when docked. This isn't bad, it's marketed as a console first because the portable market is shrinking.

AcidDvl1468d ago

Just so you know, this guy just PM just to admit that I'm right and did so with PM just to not look bad.


Ravenor1468d ago

"That's why the Xbox beat the PS2 now I get it. " Is sarcasm people, it's f-ing sarcasm. I was just illustrating Power is NOT always the main reason a console is successful.


I pm'd you as there was no way to reply directly to you here. I'm sorry you don't have the reading comprehension skills to understand what it is I said to you. Shame?

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Cybermario1469d ago

funny how nintendo joins this generation when ps4 and xbox one is almost 4 years old and yet, lesser hardware, makes no sense.

MRMagoo1231469d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

the wiiu was the direct competition to the ps4 and xbone tho so it's even worse in reality really because this switch technically should be going up against the ps5.


So if I have a pc with an Intel i3 and another pc with an i7 in it the i3 isn't lesser it's just different ? 😂

Omnislashver361469d ago


When I'm replaying Final Fantasy VII Remake in 4K60(or near it) on PS5, Nintendo is going to be stuck on 720p/no AA. Come 2019 Ninty will look like idiots.

EddieNX 1469d ago

Its not lesser hardware its different hardware. Nvidia tegra is a mobile chip, the ps4 and XB1s chips aren't. End of.

Emme1468d ago

It does, Nintendo hopes to repeat the Wii success: cheap hardware sold for premium price to kids with rich parents. Plus some gimmick.And no extras.

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Kokyu1468d ago

The Ps4 (Pro or base) and the xbone ( at least xbone S not scorpio) arent half way more like 3/4 this gen isnt going to be extra long like last gen hell Scorpio is a next gen machine. If it really does native 4k and sells well Sony will have to annouce and push out Ps5.

Ravenor1468d ago

Crystal balls, everyone has one but me.

trueganesh1468d ago

It's not meant to be directly competing with the other two platforms how hard is that to understand? It's a portable/console hybrid the PS4 and Xbox one aren't. Seriously, you're making rather foolish statements, everyone knows what it is, a niche. If Nintendo were to release a high powered box with all the third party games that the xbox one and the playstation had can you imagine how boring that would be for gamers? I'm excited to play on something new, hardware which is different and not nearly identical to one another. I love my PS4, and my Switch will be there to complement my gaming environment.

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corroios1469d ago

Where the news here? For a portable the game is good, but for a home console it will always got the worst version of the game.

Tussin1871469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

The news is this is exactly why 3rd party doesn't waste their time on Nintendo consoles. Now imagine Battlefield, GTA, Mass Effect, and so forth attempting to run on this thing.

That's the news that Nintendo diehards gloss over but get upset that there's no 3rd party support. 3rd parties will basically have to make a separate version for Nintendo. Almost like a last gen version of the game. Battlefield, for example, would have less players and the visuals won't look nearly as good. On top of that, it probably wouldn't sell. So why waste time and resources? That's the news.And this console is releasing in 2017, 3 years after the competition. Yes it's a hybrid, we get that but the console part is weak as hell. That's the problem.

No disagree from me btw.

Knushwood Butt1469d ago