PSI: Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star Review

PSI writes: "The guys at Incog Inc. have been really good about keeping people interested in their games. Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star is the latest expansion add-on for the third person shooter and it brings some fresh new content into the fray.

Since Fallen Star is just an add-on, the graphics don't change that much. It uses the same engine as Warhawk, so it shouldn't surprise anyone how good it looks. The new map that came in the expansion, "Tau Crater", is a little smaller than most of the other maps available, but it has plenty of visual flair to remain impressive. The look and feel of the new map takes a while to get used to since the first thing anyone wants to do is explore. There are plenty of places to go and hide and the addition of a jetpack makes all the trees excellent hiding places for snipers. "Tau Crater" has a distinct feel that I described to someone as 'What if a Star Destroyer crash landed on the Wookie planet Kashyyk from Star Wars?'"

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