Far Cry 2: Ubisoft's Last Big Triple A Risk

Far Cry is probably the most disconnected modern franchise. Trying its hand at so many things, only to go back to a proven formula. The first entry was the graphical benchmark of its day. Lush tropical environments rendered in beautiful fashion. Far Cry allowed players to roam around, choosing their approach to each situation. This game was Ubisoft's last bold move.

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PixelGateUk691d ago

I loved how relentless Far Cry 2 was, you never felt 'safe'

angelsx691d ago

Far Cry 2 was my favourite one.

bloop691d ago

2 was probably my least favourite of the series. The first few hours in I thought it was amazing, but for me it got old very quickly after that. One of a few games I didn't care to finish before trading it in. 3 is tops for me.

Captain_Tom691d ago

Mine as well.

The online Player-Made maps were fantastic, and the setting was excellent.

Sure FC3 had better singleplayer gameplay overall, but it also was WAY newer and benefits from the kinds of expected enhancements any sequel has. Not to mention FC3 destroyed the multiplayer part of the game.

showtimefolks691d ago

Ubi isn't a graft publisher anymore too many sequels and same old same old

Assassin creed really made them greedy and than they started using the same features for all their games

Instead of making feast games they want games with most boxes ticked during advertisement

Watch dogs 2 is so lost in identity crisis and that's why the sales suffered

The division is such an average game

sullynathan691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

AAA games in general suffered poor sales last year. Watch Dogs 2 knows what it wanted to be and it wasn't Watch Dogs 1.

showtimefolks691d ago

Original watch divs was a serious game while watxg dogs 2 is trying way too hard to be hip

SolidGear3691d ago

Played for a couple hours and that was it for me. Never played any of the others except for the first and I loved it.

sullynathan691d ago

Far Cry 2 was a game that tried to be different and ended up being complete garbage. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

showtimefolks691d ago

The 1st person driving always bothered me a lot

The constant reappearance of enemies after you clear the area is another thing which sucked

PixelGateUk691d ago

yeah, that was easily the worst thing about it. Even more so given how strict the game was with ammo/hp

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