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Deep-throat791d ago

Crysis' gameplay is better than many movie games released this gen, namely Uncharted 4.

The only game that will outclasses Crysis graphics is Star CItizen.

Bathyj790d ago

How is Uncharted a movie game?

Oh, I get it, cos you cant play it and your parents wont let you see M rated movies either.

ecchiless790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

omg ur gonna kill me with these comments xD

OT: That guy is so sad, looks like he needs to troll to feel good.... sad.

Deep-throat790d ago

It's a walking simulator with some long cutscenes.

Bathyj789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

Yeah, right. Whatever buddy. And youre a droning simulator with long periods of irrationality. You can do better than that, troll harder.

Uncharteds cutscenes arent even that long, and never intrusive. They break up the action nicely and help the pacing. Theyre certainly not as bad as having a 20 minute live action TV show and the end of every chunk of gameplay.

You could have just Crisis has good gameplay, and just left it at that. But no, you cant help yourself can you?

Unspoken789d ago

It's called a cinematic experience. Get it right. lol

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TheOptimist790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Agreed. But then again, we have masterpieces like Deus Ex and Deus Ex Human Revolution, which have actual depth in story as well as gameplay.

I still think Crysis plays much better than Call of Duty. In spite of having Iron man's power, it never feels like COD, with no foots on ground. Even the older CODs aren't much better.

Lamboomington790d ago (Edited 790d ago )


Ignore his post please. Crysis had amazing gameplay, that's all. There's no need for an immature comparison with Uncharted 4, a game which isn't even remotely in the same genre.

Deep-throat790d ago

But you can tell which one has more and better interactivity than the other.

Inzo790d ago

So your name is Deep-throat hey? it explains allot.

U4 is the pinnacle of gaming whereas the Crysis series is a very very shiny turd.

TheOptimist784d ago

And still has gameplay light years better than Uncharted? K

Inzo784d ago

@ TheOptimist

Lol, ok, if it helps you sleep better.

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Lamboomington790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

those look good, but this gif shows the level of detail they're going for. This is what the highest quality characters look like.

FallenAngel1984790d ago

Anybody remember a decade ago how Wii fans used to vehemently chant "gameplay over graphics?"

riibhu790d ago

I don't understand why people include Crysis 1 in "better graphics shit gameplay" list. It's not rated 91 on metacritic for nothing you know. The sandbox gameplay where you decide how to proceed, the fact that games like this including far cry 3 are praised for their gameplay but Crysis 1 doesn't don't make sense to me.

starchild790d ago

Yeah, I don't understand that either. Crysis 1 was great. In fact, I enjoyed all of the Crysis games, although the first was my favorite. I loved the tools at your disposal and all the different ways you could approach a situation. The Crysis games, as a series, have a higher rating than, say, the Killzone series, yet people still act like that is a good series and are excited for Guerrilla's next game, but then act like the Crysis games are terrible or something.

I just don't get the double standard. I'm not trying to put Guerrilla down at all. I'm really looking forward to Horizon a lot. I just don't think that the a lot of the hate directed at Crytek is warranted.

Lamboomington790d ago


Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead had amazing gameplay. Better than most modern shooters imo.

sullynathan790d ago

Because Crysis is crap. Stop with that metacritic shit, gaming journos were enamored by its graphics

riibhu790d ago

Maybe it's crap to you. That doesn't make the game crap.

TheOptimist784d ago

Crysis had emergent gameplay unlike many games since 2007. I guess people hated emergent gameplay and wanted more cuver based shuuting and regenerative health, which are some of the most boring elements in any game ever. Deus Ex HR does it right though, true emergent gameplay

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Fist4achin790d ago

I'm probably in the minority here, but I liked both Beyond, Two Souls and the Order.

Lamboomington790d ago

I don't understand why they made The Order a third person gallery shooter like Gears Of War. That's the worst fit for the themes and tone of the game. IMO it should have taken an approach with much more complex gameplay, with gadgets, perhaps some abilities and more openness (within the linear setup)

Fist4achin790d ago

Who knows?! I thought it still worked and was a kick ass game. This is coming from me who also is a gears fan. There are definitely a couple of other genres that could have fit well or have elements added.

Fishy Fingers790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

I don't think the article is insinuating that they are bad games but rather the graphics are just more inviting than the gameplay. I'd say that's the case with The Order and every David Cage game (as I'm sure he'd also concede).

Quite frankly, seems that's becoming more important. Any frequent N4G user can testify that the vast majority of posts are concerned with graphics, resolution, HDR etc frame rates even seem more important as a measure of system power than gameplay.

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