TGR's Bargain Bin: FPS Edition

TGR - "There are better shooters out there than The Darkness. In fact, were I recommending a game based solely on the quality of its gameplay mechanics, The Darkness wouldn't be anywhere on this list. It's not a game that isn't fun to play, but it just isn't all that special. Sure, you have some really wonky powers to play around with -- impaling someone with a tentacle never gets old -- but overall, it never does much to really distinguish itself from the other first-person shooters out there. As a full gaming experience, however, The Darkness is a triumph.

One of the most story-heavy games I've played in recent years, The Darkness tells the tale of Jackie Estacado, mafia hitman and all-around nice guy. On his 21st birthday, he's hit with a double whopper of trouble. First his Uncle Paulie, the local mob boss, mistakes Jackie for a traitor and subsequently tries to have him killed. Topping this, however, is his sudden inheritance of a demonic force known only as (wait for it) the Darkness. Beefed up by his new powers, Jackie sets out to get revenge on Uncle Paulie."

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