Games With Gold February 2017 Predictions

ThisGenGaming says "With us approaching the middle of January and the next two free games with gold, it’s near the time for us to start predicting what we might see in games with gold next month. There are multiple games we could see free next month, but since it’s only possible to receive four free games a month, it will only be logical to talk about four games that we could see next month. So, here’s my predictions for next months lineup, starting with the Xbox 360."

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TheCommentator1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Holy 💩! Before you even click on the link, this article has already used the word month FIVE times... did anyone proofread this before it was submitted??? What happened to the editor? Thisgengaming, is this your idea of this gen journalism?

galmi1469d ago

thanks man for stopping me from clicking

georeo1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Please don't click on these horrendous articles.

Specter2291469d ago

I clicked because you misspelled these.

Kerppamaister1469d ago

Have these ever been even remotely close to what we got? Like, even same area code close?

XXanderXX1469d ago

360 - -----Assassin Creed Rogue (BC) and am good