Battlestations: Midway demo touches down Thursday

Sample of Eidos' WWII game hits XBL this week; sneak peek available during GameSpot's live developer interview tomorrow.

"...The demo concentrates on the multiplayer portion of the World War II vehicular-combat game. There will be one multiplayer map--Island of Solomon--which pits the American forces versus the Japanese forces. In order to win, gamers must wipe out the opposition's naval base, air base, and aircraft carrier..."

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big_tim5228d ago

What? Are you complaining about a demo?

OC_MurphysLaw5228d ago

Either very good, sleeper hit for the strategy fans....

Or a game that had tons of potential and fell short due to bad control schemes.

I am hoping for the first.

Havince5228d ago

If i dont know about the isnt worth knowing about LOLOLOL.

MicroGamer5228d ago

Why the hell does the demo have to be multi-player??