Is This the Worst PS4 Game Ever?

Chris Mawson writes: "Earlier today, the official PlayStation YouTube channel uploaded a preview trailer for what may be the worst PS4 game we've ever seen."

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NukaCola1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

GOTY for sure. :|

I hope it comes to Switch /jk

Keep this crap off anything please.

Irishguy951509d ago

Sure get Sean Murray to advertise it, it'll sell millions

Kiwi661509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Or they could work together and bring you "Tigers in space"

Irishguy951509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

In all honesty, these type of games release ALL THE TIME. They just go under the cover of darkness. Because why wouldn't they?

Also I have no idea why the above reminded me of this but..... anyone ever play Tresspaser? It was a thing back in the day, before my time. It now has a cult following because in a shitty weird way....its kinda awesome. Its so bad its good...kinda...but its terrible..but great.

Dirtnapstor1509d ago

Could have sworn this was on the Xbox channel first...thought it was the reason Scalebound got cancelled!

Deadpooled1508d ago

What in the hell? Looks like a Nintendo 64 game lmfaoooo

XanderZane1508d ago

I completely agree. This is the must have game of 2017.

I thought they stopped making DOS games. It's gotta be better then No Man's Sky though.

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isarai1509d ago

Lol no, there are about 4 things i always see in the store and am just like "How did you get in here?" check Alice Wants To Play and Commander Cherry

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081509d ago

Douse this garbage game with fire please!

Pantz1509d ago

at least it has graphics from this century unlike most trash indy games that think graphics from 80's and 90's are cool

TheFirstClassic1508d ago

This comment is so dumb it actually made me cringe.

KwietStorm_BLM1508d ago

You just made yourself look worse than the game itself. Congratulations.

Lennoxb631509d ago

Aye... "Variety" though. Am I right guys? Lol

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ninsigma1509d ago

If a couple games like that, that in no way have to buy, getting through means I have access to the stellar games already and soon to be released on PS4, then I honestly couldn't care less about this.

Lennoxb631509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

That's cool and all. But that "variety" word gets you stinkers like this one more often than not. Its good to have something different. But not at the sake of quality.

Liqu1d1508d ago

@Lennoxb63 PlayStation gets quality and quantity but keep trying to spin having a variety of games into a negative. Next you lot will be claiming having any games is bad and only watching movies is good.

SweetLeafSmoker1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

ok same thing applies to Steam which everyone loves to tout as the best thing ever in the gaming world when it comes to buying games...

that shit is RIDDLED and I mean completely RIDDLED with janky ass looking games like this...

85% of the PC game base on steam is janky, wobbly looking games..

so don't try and act like this a completely isolated thing with Sony and PlayStation..

It's no different than Hollywood making movies with A list actors and Hollywood making B list movies that are not mean't to be taken seriously.

Lennoxb631509d ago

In no way am I saying this is only a Sony and PS thing. Xbox has its share of garbage as well, no doubt about it. But people say they want variety. Well, variety gets you games like this. No platform is exempt.

They hit me with "Better to have the option to play it than not at all." That's BS. There has to be SOME filter for quality.

SweetLeafSmoker1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

that filter of quality is called YOU

Don't act like this common principle doesn't apply the same exact way to video game purchases...

Lennoxb631509d ago

That's not the point I'm making. The people putting games like this up in the store should have some standards before just accepting anything a dev throws at them. That's how you prevent your store from becoming a IOS/Android store, or Steam.

rainslacker1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Problem with that thinking Lennox is who is in control of the filter?

Quality is subjective, and I prefer to make my own decision, instead of letting some arbiter of quality to make that decision for me.

Of course, whoever is funding a game(the publisher/producer) certainly have the right to be that arbiter, in which case, fair enough, but I'd rather the garbage to come out instead of believing that whoever is in control of quality is posing their will to influence the direction of the industry. If a game is really terrible, sales will take care of it. We don't need someone deciding for us.

Compliance standards are the way they are to be fair and equitable. They aren't there to determine if a game is good or not, they're there to make sure the game doesn't do things that it shouldn't do on the system to insure a consistent user experience from the system itself. That's the way it should be....because I wouldn't want the console makers to make a decision on what is worth releasing on the system....otherwise, console makers could turn away any game that doesn't live up to whatever standards they set.... and worse, it could potentially lead to unethical practices if they decide to assert control over a competing game.

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Sunny_D1509d ago

knowing how this world has over 7 billion people, I guarantee you there are people who would actually like this game. How about this? PS4 offers quality and quantity. It's not just one or the other.

Lennoxb631509d ago

That's great. I was just saying that for me personally, I don't want quantity if I have to sacrifice quality. More games are good. Until that starts happening.

snoopgg1509d ago

Send this one to Microsoft, so they have something to replace Scalebound. Lol

Darkfist_Flames1509d ago

Yea well be playing gravity rush 2 next week.

ninsigma1508d ago

What are you talking about?? There's very few games actually as bad as that and I've never come across them before. And what difference does it make if it's there?? I will never see it and never buy it.

TheFirstClassic1508d ago

"That's great. I was just saying that for me personally, I don't want quantity if I have to sacrifice quality. More games are good. Until that starts happening."

How are you having to sacrifice quality? You ignore this game and buy the ones that are good. Am I missing something?

Razzer1508d ago

damn....really sucks to be an Xbox fanboy these days, doesn't it?

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