My Time As A Monster Hunter

Goomba Stomp: "In Japan, the Monster Hunter series is something of a legend. Every gamer worth their salt in Japan knows about Monster Hunter, as each new iteration in the franchise, is met with high critique and commercial success. However, this is not the case over here in the States. The first time I had ever even heard of the franchise was a preview for the series’ third installment, Monster Hunter Tri, in Nintendo Power. The idea of hunting giant beasts with an online team seemed like a really cool concept to me, especially when I learned of how well the series was received overseas. Little did I know that Tri would go on to become the single greatest experience I have ever had with an online multiplayer game."

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notachance1343d ago

It's like drugs, people who haven't try it looks at it like it's some kind of outlandish, weird thing they'll never understand why people are addicted to it. But once you try it, preferably with friends... suddenly you have 200 hours logged in in just a short time you'll never guess it's a capcom game.

too bad they chose to release it on a niche platform in the west, if only capcom has the brain to upgrade the graphic and release it on PS4/XB1 I'm willing to bet it'll be as huge as overwatch, only you won't be bored as fast.

CorndogBurglar1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Its funny because even though i know Generations is exactly the same as Monster Hunter 4, just with even less story and the addition of Arts, its still addicting as hell. There's just something about it. The preparation before going out to fight a particular monster is probably my favorite aspect of the games.

Knowing your enemy and what weapons, tools, and items to bring is something missing from a lot of games that is done really well in this series. That strategic feeling before the actuall nonstop action begins once you find the monster is unlike any other game that I've played.

fenome1343d ago

The only one I ever played was the first one on PS2, but I really enjoyed it.

BlackDoomAx1342d ago

Best multiplayer experience and best feeling when you win.