DiRT Rally to Receive PSVR Support

Today, Codemasters announced that it will be adding PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally on PS4.

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solderman2709d ago

I'm guessing this will probably make people more sick than Driveclub VR due to all the bouncing around.

IamTylerDurden12709d ago

You imagine bc you never played Driveclub VR. I play DC VR for hours straight and never feel an ounce of discomfort. The sickness issues are vastly overblown.

Aenea2709d ago

Aha, well, then the handful of people who got sick with Driveclub VR should not try this one I suppose.

I on the other hand have played 10+ hour sessions (with bathroom and food breaks) without any issues whatsoever...

Goldby2709d ago

You need to pick up the lazeetoy 5000. Gaming chair, portable fridge and toilet all lumped into one.

For just 15 ridiculously easy payments of $159.99, this toilet can sit in the middle of your room. No plumbing required. Sit down kick up and shit out

Aenea2709d ago


Does it come with a caffeine and other fluids drip? Then: sold! :)

IamTylerDurden12709d ago

I've been anticipating this for a while, but it's awesome to finally get confirmation. Driveclub VR, Dirt Rally, GT Sport. Damn i need a racing wheel for VR. When is the release date though?

TeamVVV2709d ago

Should be just a few weeks from now.

l-Mc-I2709d ago

You do need a racing wheel it makes the experience so much better. It's def worth it

Chaos_Order2709d ago

I bet it's absolutely terrifying in VR...


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Garethvk84d ago

I can finally play Half Life Alyx.

mariopasta84d ago

I can finally watch pron, I mean watch pronouns be pronounced in PC VR games that were previously not available on Playstation.

crazyCoconuts83d ago

be careful not to sprain your... tongue pronouncing those pronouns

Profchaos83d ago

I'm excited for that to plus I can try fallout 4 VR always wanted to play that

crazyCoconuts83d ago

I was lucky and held off on 4 until I played it in VR. It really is pretty awesome - you'll love it.

DaReapa83d ago

The icing on the cake would be if Sony / Valve allow for a Steam Link app much like it is for the Quest 3. Likely wishful thinking, though.