Bionic Commando producer: 'Bioshock was easy as hell'

In an interview with VideoGamer.com, Ben Judd said that gamers now only want to die "once or twice" in games.

When we asked the Capcom producer if he reckons games are too easy on gamers these days, Judd replied: "Yes, I do. I think that if you look at one of the highest praised games of last year, BioShock, BioShock was easy as Hell, I don't care what anybody says. That's what people want. They want to play through it. They want to die once or twice. It's like an interactive movie, sort of. Gamers have lost their will to continually drill down on something."

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Silogon5779d ago

He is speaking logic today. I give him that much. I agree, todays gamer could never pull off the feats us Nes kids did. Beating Ninja Gaiden alone is something few people have done without cheating or using an emulator to save location before dying.

Nintendo games were crucial and somewhere in the Ps1 days things started changing and by the time the ps2 hit, it was all over. Games did take on a more interactive, let me guide you, approach.

Soul Reaver was one of the 1st game I started to see this huge trend of super easy gameplay and puzzle solving.

Kleptic5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

I wouldn't say that 'all' games now are easy...i agree Bioshock is a joke in difficulty, mostly because damage you inflict to enemies keeps...so if you die fighting a Big Daddy, the damage you inflicted is still there...

NES games on the other hand would be frustratingly hard because most of them where terrible...only the mario games seemed to get it right...difficult when they needed to be, but not frustrating...

there are still games this generation though that are awesomely hard, but have the difficulty settings to let you know what you are getting into...imo Uncharted on crushing is just about as perfect as a game can get...its entirely beatable by nearly anyone that puts in the effort, but is also extremely challenging...its not like veteran on CoD 4, which is nothing but cheap (2 shots you die, and endless enemy spawners, in which case to beat it...you simply run across the room as fast as possible)...but uncharted requires to conserve ammo, engage the enemy at the right time, and retreat at the right time, and there is usually only one way to get a certain area right...thats what i love about it, you can get into a zone, and really feel like you are accomplishing something...its difficult, but extremely fair...which is apparently next to impossible for devs to get right...

that is just one of the reasons I think Uncharted is one of the best single player games of this generation without question...I put it right next to MGS4 as the 2 best so far...where Uncharted nailed the gameplay (with rather excellent story telling and production values in its own right), and MGS4 perfected story telling through a video game...and just happened to have visuals that are without any real rivals...

ape0075779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

Bionic Commando producer:stop whining,mgs 4,bioshock

braid for me is better than bc tbh

bioshock has a sweet difficulty feel

but he has a valid point,bioshock difficulty wasn't in solving puzzels,temples or just think where should I go now, it was only when you fight enemies,most games turning like this,which is sad

I say bioshock is so great,but when I just compare it with something like the shadow man,I truly feel that bioshock was a joke,seriosly am not joking


gringo5779d ago

The Vita-chambers made the combat easy, if you died when trying to kill a big daddy, you'd just respawn and run back to the fight and finish him off.

ape0075779d ago

I think shadowman has an incredible level design and difficulty
I wish I can see anything today like shadowman

shadowman=a true legend,a remake gonna be a mega earthquake

he's kinda right

die_fiend5779d ago

It isn't a valid point cos he probably didn't put it on hard. He probably just left it on normal and cos of the Vita Chambers said it was easy as hell. On hard it was significantly more difficult. I'd love to see him turn Vita Chambers off and play it on hard and still say it's easy as hell. He'd probably die all the time. What would he know about anything? Bionic Commando is sheisse

waznotwaz5779d ago

I agree with you die fiend.Thats what the hardness settings are there for,so use them to play the game how you want to.In years gone by games were too hard for me to play and enjoy,so I would happily select the easy setting.Nowadays with trophies/achievements there is allot more replayability in a game so you don't always need to play a game on the insane settings just to feel you have got your value for money.

NMC20075779d ago

it just seems like most of you cannot handle reality, everything he said is true but of course fanboys don't know how to handle reality, not calling YOU a fanboy but I just walked out of the Kojima thread and ........ yeah.............. so I don't think he is talking too much at all, hell I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Bioshock but he is 100% correct, that game IS too damn easy.

His MGS comments are also true but of course the comments are arguable, I agree with him on both counts but the only difference is that I do enjoy MGS long ass cut scenes when they aren't full of blah blah blah speak about war and technology and the bullcrap they talked about in the past MGS games, especially MGS 2.

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Relientk779d ago

Cool, maybe we will get BioShock 4 after all, eventually...

TheNamelessOne9d ago

Damn it's been a long time since the last game.

TheColbertinator9d ago

Bioshock needs a big time comeback