Horizon Zero Dawn Cinematic Trailer

Who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloy’s side on the field of battle?

Genuine-User2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Damn that looks so fudging good!


Gazondaily2687d ago

Damn this game is gonna be insane.

naruga2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

hmm though is not Day 1 for me ....smthing doesnt spark in me with this one ....(Ni Oh has stolen my mind)

IamTylerDurden12687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Every time i see or hear something new from Horizon it impresses me even more. This is the most exciting new IP i've seen in a long time. This will also be the first game to truly take advantage of the PS4 Pro and it should look stunning. As time goes on and as games are actively developed with Pro in mind it should yield better and better results.

bouzebbal2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

OMG.. GG really outdid themselves with this one, especially the faces they are breathing life.
Alloy is so pretty, far from the sexualized females we tend to see nowadays. I like that !!!

itBourne2687d ago

They need to stop showing stuff.... I'm even avoiding videos and feel like they have shown half the game

NukaCola2687d ago

Wow, there is nothing like this. If this is as good as everything seen so far, it's going to be RPGotY and/or GOTY. I really think this is going to exceed the already high standards that The Witcher 3 set. With each video, I am more blown away. Day One!

ABizzel12687d ago

This is what I'm talking about.

Finally a New IP that's blows all the others out of the Water. This is what I've been waiting on this entire generation. And I'm slightly shocked it's Guerilla delivering it in a completely new genre for them. CONGRATS.


Yeah I am really looking forward to this one!

2686d ago
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Pantz2687d ago

Don't move, I'll go get you a towel.

Krypto2687d ago

OMG looks awesome, watched it 4 times now on max volume and kinda makes me want to play Killzone Shadow Fall again.

fenome2687d ago

I'm on break at work and I've watched it twice already. Can't wait to get home and put it up on the big screen with the system cranked up.

ninsigma2687d ago

I don't wanna watch but your gif is making it so hard not to 😭😭😭

ILostMyMind2687d ago

I do not like receiving spoilers either, but damn, the video presented so much incredible information that it only added to the hype. Day one for me.

_-EDMIX-_2686d ago

Trust me you don't want to watch it because there's a lot that's revealed about the world that might be interesting to see in-game.

Deep-throat2687d ago

That was running on a powerful PC. It won't look that good on the PS4 Pro.

At least they didn't lie this time, they used the word "cinematic" for a reason.

UCForce2687d ago

Don't be blind ! It's looks great.

G20WLY2687d ago

If you bought yourself a PS4 Pro and Horizon, you'd get over Scalebound quicker.

How is it you think this is running on a PC - on what basis do you say that? Or is this just the voice of jealousy? ;^/

UCForce2687d ago

I don't know why you keep downplaying anything about Sony. No matter how you tried, your reputation will stay that low unless you try to little bit respectful.

Germany72687d ago

Look everyone, it's the pc beggar stalking on a Sony article.

Go sign a petition or something like that, pc beggar.

Nyxus2687d ago

That's a nice compliment for the PS4 and for Guerrilla, that you would think that.

Aenea2687d ago

Awwwww, poor sod *hands tissue*

CrazedFiend2687d ago

I see why you call yourself deep-throat my friend

Kurdishcurse2687d ago

ignore the morons that think your rep has anything to do with credibility. i agree somewhat... many have been burned by prerelease trailers looking better than the final product, and if ppl are too gullible or blinded by brand loyalty to see that, well facts will remain facts. i wont be that bothered by it if HZD receives a minimal downgrade to keep it running steady, then again why did i buy a pro for? what astonished me is the art style! its majestic.

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UltraNova2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Wow i cant frickin wait for this game!!!