Wipeout, Jet Moto Headed to PS3 Store Soon

Sony just sent out a press release that lists what's coming to the PlayStation Store in the next little while. First and foremost, PSone games Jet Moto and Wipeout are on the way for PSP at $5.99 each.

So's a $2.99 patch that will let you play Geome Blast Factor online via multiplayer. At least I assume it's online multiplayer.

A few trailers, including God of War II, Gran Turismo HD Concept, and some for Warner Bros. movies, will round out the lineup. Next week, maybe? Who knows. Full release after the jump.

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no_more_heroes5224d ago

I remember playing that game over a friend house once. Did anyone else like this other than me?

MikeMichaels5224d ago

I too loved JetMoto.

Ahhhh, i have fond memorys of skipping high school and doing LSD


Shadow Flare5224d ago

I hope they put Wipeout 2097 on the store. Thats my favourite wipeout man

GaMr-5224d ago

doesnt release something so i can play these classics on my ps3. Im gunna be really dissapointed. I dont own a psp or plan on buying one.

MikeMichaels5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

I'm not sure if i wanna see PS1 games on my HDTV. PS2 games (minus a few exceptions) are bad enough.

They work just fine and look pretty decent on my PSP.

PS2 games should be downloadable and playable on the PS3.

Shadow Flare5224d ago

im waiting for them to make it available to download via a PC, since i live in Europe and don't have a ps3. But more importantly, i will get a ps3 but i want them to bring out the big psone games like Final Fantasy 7/8, Metal Gear Solid 1, Gran Turismo 1/2 cos i want them on my psp

DJ5223d ago

I still love playing Wipeout XL! Looks kinda old and pixelated, but still great! It just reeked of style. Hopefully they release Wipeout 3 since I have trouble finding it. Jet Moto was awesome too.

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