Microsoft confirms: Xbox One exclusive Scalebound has been canceled

Microsoft has given us a statement regarding the Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive, Scalebound. Sadly, the Platinum Games-developed action RPG has been cancelled.

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SirJoJo1741d ago

IMO it was never looking like a must have. Every time they showed it, it just looked too rough around the edges and a bit meh. If this was crackdown 3 I'd be pissed. I'm now more intrigued to see what MS's E3 is going to be like because now this is cancelled, they have to have something to replace it. I'll say it now, if i don't see at least 2 new polished looking IP's (Halo/Uncharted/Alan Wake/The last of us levels) at this year's MS E3 conference I'll not be picking up a scorpio day one.... that shit can wait.

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Overload1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Microsoft has been dropping the ball hard with Xbox One software.

Phil Spencer hasn't done the greatest job either, regardless of how you feel about Scalebound. It's another lost opportunity and they need all the games they can get at this point.


Shinobi602 is saying (he's heard) that Crackdown 3's development is not going well either.

Things are not looking good for Xbox.

Christopher1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I think they did good to drop it after last year's E3 showing. I wouldn't call this dropping the ball but not wasting anymore time or money.

***But the last E3 showing is what got many people interested in the game :/ in the first place***

Maybe the original showing, but I was full on being turned off after last year's showing. I know others were as well.

Gazondaily1741d ago

2017 looks increaingly shit for Xbox. Whats the point of Scorpio if the games aren't there?

Scalebound cancellation is the last thing xbox needed.

moegooner881741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

But the last E3 showing is what got many people interested in the game :/ in the first place

bouzebbal1741d ago

Do people still think Spencer is the right guy for this position ???
Numerous titles got cancelled (project spike, fable..), he kills the definition of exclusive for xbox and he keeps canceling games..

This is insulting for you xbox fans, can't you guys realize how cheap this brand has become ???

darthv721741d ago

this is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to bag another Platinum game, and just in time for the Switch.

RpgSama1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"We’re working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and..."

...AND THAT'S IT, that's all you guys have, that's if nothing else gets cancelled or postponed.

Overload1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


In all reality they (Microsoft) should have asked/paid for them to make an action game (similar to Bayonetta) instead of venturing off from what they do well. Also it has been in development for about 4 years, they should have known it wasn't up par a long time ago.

Regardless, they dropped the ball.

TankCrossing1741d ago

@RPGSama +Forza 7 and... er.... probably quite a lot of Forza 7 car packs?

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darthv721741d ago

@digital, I think you are confused about things. Only seeing them through your own prism instead of the broader scope.

Og xbox had 4 good years before the 360 came out and it didnt fizzle like you say, it transitioned over to 360 which had 8 solid years under its belt before they transitioned to the xb1. Now that is where things were fizzled at the start but there were lots of right choices made to bring the xb1 into better position than even the og xbox in the same time frame.

Now here is the ironic twist. While many say Ms has no games then how is it they are able to cancel games if they never had any??? That must mean they did have (and still do) games in development. Sure it isnt as numerous as others but hey... they are still in the process of making games. chances are we will hear about new ones this year at E3.

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Omnislashver361741d ago

Platinum needs to keep the engine and do a Drakengard Sequel with Square Enix.

That or Kenji Saito's Kill la Kill game instead.

Relientk771741d ago

In what world does Microsoft think canceling this game is a good idea?

Eonjay1741d ago

I'm with Chris.
@Septic... where there is always Cuphead.

DigitalRaptor1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@ darth72

Broader scope? I'm sure cancellations and delays increase the scope of a lineup of games.... I'm sure Phil Spencer promising more JRPGs and failing at that is my failure to see the "scope".

Let's not revise history. 4 years is good for a debut but they dropped the OG like it was hot. I'm referring to a solid exclusive lineup for core gamers, not an avalanche of Kinect games in their place during the second half of the Xbox 360 era. That is what I meant by fizzle out, and fizzle it did as they chased that true gimmick that their next (and current) console was designed around and then rejected by gamers.

Could you tell me who said MS has no games? I believe it has been proclaimed that they no longer have any exclusives, but not "no games". Maybe "much less than the competition"? Anyway, most of what is (or was) significant for MS in 2017 is stuff that was announced years and ago, delayed, and is what they have been coasting on for a long time.

morganfell1741d ago

I keep thinking about this interview:

"As we're looking at the lineup for this year, and where [developer Platinum Games] are [with Scalebound]--what their aspirations are; that game is super-aspirational...we want to be able to give them enough time and resources to do that," Greenberg said.

"So strategically, give it time to breathe; let's make sure we can give it enough space. First and foremost, always make sure the game is great."

Yet during the same period and until very recently anyone following Kamiya on twitter would have noticed he was quite upset with Redmond. I wonder how long they have been wrestling with this cancellation.

Lonnie181741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yeah Crackdown is next, it's sad really that the fans buy the system and the company in turn just doesn't give a woot. Xbox and Nintendo have bewn horrible to their fanbase! They just get a Forza/Halo/Gears remix almost every so sad!

Godmars2901741d ago

As I noted when Spencer first took over, the man's also been around since before the XB1's launch. That no matter what his hands were still tied by MS mandate online/XBL Gold subs and that negatively impact games which aren't MP.

Fist4achin1741d ago

They did this a couple of years into the 360's lifespan as well. It's turning out to be a bit of a letdown for me this generation.

Doesn't MS know gamers want to play games?!

Kryptix1741d ago

I was really astounded by this news. Scalebound of course wasn't a type of game the Xbox community greatly supports, being a JRPG, but it could of been a gateway to variety, a slight step in the right direction.

The craziest part is that this was a 2017 release, once again, proving MS has zero faith if a game of this "scale" gets no crazy hype. I mean, how does a developer know that they might have a gem regardless of feedback? And they can just right away cancel a game? Right, history repeats itself, Fable Legends.

I suggest people just build a PC, it has Xbox's "exclusives," plus more. You can even use it as the ultimate media center. Potato Masher Pro is a great start and the cost over time will end up being less than consoles eventually. Better to have a wider array of exclusives with the ones you're looking forward to than having a very limited number to choose from or to be honest, being on PC, too, none at all. (Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Halo Wars 2, available on PC ^_^)

mikeslemonade1741d ago

Now -1 reasons to own a Xbox. Scalebound the only game that was gonna be even timed exclusive for Microsoft.

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freshslicepizza1741d ago

ok, so they shut this down does that mean they have more to fill the gaps? i admit it never looked that good and was very rough but why cancel it? i just don't see the investment being made into big new ip's from microsoft and i sure hope they dont continue to rely on the few staples of halo, forza and gears to keep them afloat year after year. i'm starting to think scorpio is going to be trhe highlight and that isn't really what should be the case.

i dont think i have ever seen over 400 comments in one topic before and this is about a game not many semed to be very interested in, what's going on?

rainslacker1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I'm not one to really go off industry insider stuff, because they're only true half the time, and could all result in a good guess. But, hypothetically, if MS drops CD3, they've pretty much ended up really being the Forza, Gears, Halo box that everyone accuses them of. None of the other games they've released really live up to the same level of their competitors. A console can't survive like that.

MGS could certainly go on as a software maker, but MS has to know that "more power" isn't going to sell their consoles alone.

If they really are dropping two big games(along with the Fable game last year), then I hope they allocated all those recovered resources to some really big announcements. I have a feeling that they're going to need it, because we're talking about one go to game that Xbox fans have been talking about for a while, and another game which a lot like to mention to fill out lists, ignoring how it doesn't line up with the kinds of games they typically praise.

I personally think something big is going on over at MGS and the Xbox division. A major restructuring is coming in terms of their future focus. I have a strong feeling that Scorpio is not what people are going to expect, and is probably going to be more PC than console. I don't know if MS can shock people twice in a single generation of hardware, but too much is happening....or not happening if you look at the game announcements and other common trends from think that things aren't changing.

Whether Spencer is at the head of that, or it's a MS directive, or a combination of the two, I couldn't say. But it seemingly looking more and more like Xbox isn't going to be the same by the end of the year. I know people will hate me for saying it, and I do hope I'm wrong, but the signs are there.


I was turned off by the character presentation and general banter of some focus tested for mid-teens gamers, but the game play wasn't bad. Felt the same about SSoD. Game was fun, if not annoying. I hadn't written it off completely, and it was still the last game I actually anticipated playing on the X1. Now they literally have nothing that appeals to me in the least....even as a curiosity for experiencing quality interesting game design, which is why I was interested in Gears/Halo remasters, and ironically, why I was disappointed in their most recent sequels.

Unspoken1741d ago

No, this is incorrect. Having games not receive high reception from their fan base will do more harm than good. If they feel it wasn't at a certain quality level than kudos on them for canceling it. I only want top notch software to come out of the first party studios Microsoft will publish.

IamTylerDurden11741d ago

Christopher is actually right, the initial reveal of Scalebound made it appear interesting and potentially awesome, but the latest e3 showing was an utter mess. That boss fight was hideous and the whole thing looked sloppy and unappealing.

ABizzel11741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Microsoft might as well turn Xbox into a Windows based Steambox now.

*No more console architecture just pure subsidized off the shelf PC parts in a console box
*Fast switching Dual OS for traditional Xbox gaming Mode and Full Windows OS mode
*$399 launch price w. an upgraded version dropping every 4 - 5 years once the previous version hits $199
*Small first party presence with good 3rd party support and PC exclusives
*Focus on a AIO box going forward that lets you game but also boot a full version of Windows.

At that point at least it will have a niche as a box that lets you game, but also work on computer applications and do homework at the same time. Use Kinect to search the web and voice controls to speak your entire research paper kids instead of getting awful hand cramps from writing all day, and go right back to gaming in minutes unlike having to pull out your laptop, typing, and taking a hour or longer like other consoles.

And although I'm being silly, its honestly a much better direction than where the current XBO is.

DemonChicken1741d ago

Have to say that I didn't like the PR statement whereby they are advertising other games whilst giving a cancellation statement! Classy MS PR.

wutang4ever1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

How is it Phil Spencer's Fault?? That guy just goes up on stage and presents.
He's Strictly PR ( public relations). If he lied , it's because MS told him to lie.

andrewsquall1741d ago

@moldybread Its kind of a big deal, that's "what's going on". Go to Eurogamer right now and there is still an article on their feed from 3 days ago that sparked 500+ comments called "Microsoft's 2017: momentum at last, and a golden opportunity" and there is LITERALLY a picture of Scalebound that is the main picture for the article..................... the article that is talking about momentum and golden opportunities with the picture of a now cancelled game.

Its a big deal whether you want to admit it or not, whether the game was looking promising to some or dodgy to others. To compare, Gears of War 4's multiplayer looked meh like a 360 game in May last year but it got plenty of "its still early days" defense and then the multiplayer ended up looking exactly the same in the finished game after all that damage control. Either way, imagine if Gears of War 4 got cancelled in June last year? That is what essentially happened here.

nX1740d ago

I remember posting "Scalebound is the only Xbox exclusive I'm actually interested in because it looks like a great RPG" a few years ago.... guess it's settled, Xbox is not for me.

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remixx1161741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Yooooo of this is crucial, damn platinum, I wonder what happened.

Damn it looked straight to.

Fable got canned, the studio making phantom dust shut down, scale bound is canned. Damn it's alotta of mishaps goin on.

naruga1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@ MS are you serious?!? ...damn Sony now is the chance ...snatch it snatch it !
man the only game that i waited to see on Xone and is cancelled any of them inside Xbox team knows about gaming ?? No AAA exclusive japanese title on your system means automatically your out of the game ...though they may wanted to prepare it and upgrade it for exclusive release (not at all on Xone) on Scorpio as probably prepare Scorpio with exclusive no backward compatible library ...mark the words no only for this game

XanderZane1741d ago

Microsoft owns the IP I believe.

darthv721741d ago

sony is already getting a Platinum release, if anything this one goes to nintendo. And I don't think MS owns the IP. If they did then this would not be canceled, it would likely just moved over to another developer.

naruga1741d ago

@ darth 72 keep dreaming ..they dont make the same mistake twice ...Switch is mockery of a console ...if they decide to continue development will be for sure a PS4 release

-Foxtrot1741d ago

Biggest game for them which didn't look like a mindless shooter and they cancel it

Microsoft in a nutshell

Phil "For Gamers" Spencer is so transparent

Gazondaily1741d ago

Did Phil cancel the game?

Christopher1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Phil has his finger on the pulse of everything Xbox, Septic. Every line of code, every image created and never used, every meeting wasted discussing things already decided, every porn site visited when you think no one is around after a 16 hour work day, every cookie stolen from Pam's personal collection, every sweep of the janitors broom.

Edit @below:. ***If he is going to get credit for things like Tweets and B/C, he should take some responsibility for the lack of management in other parts of the division. ***

I speak for myself and I have never given Phil credit for the work of others. Check my history, if it's BC I say to give credit to the people who make it happen.

The thing is, even if Phil had to pull the plug on this personally, to think that he is constantly aware of everything happening with the game development at all levels let alone able to manage it in a way that Platinum is supposed to do is ridiculous. Phil didn't have to do that with Ori, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, or Rise of the Tomb Raider. Those games succeeded because the developers did their job, not because Phil was ensuring everything was going to plan at every point.

This is a loss for MS and Xbox, but Phil deserves as much criticism for this from me as I give him praise when a game is a success. And I don't mention Phil at all in those instances.

Overload1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@Septic and Christopher

Phil Spencer literally runs the Xbox Division and before that ran Microsoft Studios. Who else's fault is the mismanagement of resources for development?

If he is going to get credit for things like Tweets and B/C, he should take some responsibility for the lack of management in other parts of the division.

"Xbox boss doesn’t believe Sony is “doing a better job” shipping more exclusives"

Let's get real here.

Edit: @Chris

Fair enough.

DeadManMMX1741d ago

We have literally no idea what happened at this point. What we do know is that Platinum as a studio has increasingly been announcing more and more games before finishing them. This game was announced in 2014 and since that time Platinum has released multiple games of questionable quality. Of course this is all MS fault right? It could only be MS fault.

Irishguy951741d ago

Agreed ffs like....It was something different for the console

morganfell1741d ago

I would agree Phil cannot have his finger on the pulse of every single thing in the Xbox division. But this wasn't a small indie game by an obscure studio whose reps had never personally met Phil Spencer. This isn't a game breaking bug in a title that was discovered after launch under weird circumstances and only by a few people. The cancellation of Scalebound is not some artwork advertising error for a B title. This was Scalebound, one of but a handful of MS exclusive AAA titles originally planned for last year then shifted to 2017. You can bet that the negotiation with Platinum and the decision to allocate extra funds and move it to 2017 directly involved Phil Spencer. You can bet he was aware of it's status and milestones.

Please note what I did not say. I did not say the game's cancellation was directly Phil Spencer's fault. Not directly...but clearly he indirectly bears responsibility. I think the central and leading decision was his. I think he looked at cost overruns and calculated long term benefits and made a business decision.

But anyone that doesn't think this title's progress of lack thereof was not squarely and clearly on Phil's radar must think him completely incompetent. Any head of a hardware and software gaming division that isn't closely tracking the status of one of their few AAA exclusives that had already suffered a delay does indeed bear some measure of liability.

IamTylerDurden11741d ago


Ryse was a success?

IamTylerDurden11741d ago


The worst part of that Spencer interview is that he referred to Inside as an Xbox exclusive and named it along Gears, Forza, Cuphead ect. The interview was literally 2 weeks before it released on xbone and 2 months before it released on PS4. The game came out in July on xbone and then in August on PS4 and for an entire year (prior) they promoted it as an "xbox exclusive". Microsoft was very manipulative with the marketing of that game and quite frankly it was dirty. At least Tomb Raider was exclusive for a year, Inside was exclusive for A MONTH. He knew damn well it was releasing the very next month on PS4 yet he still deceived ppl and acted like it was a legit exclusive. I don't think Phil is the guy many believed him to be.

Deadpooled1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

This could give a really bad impression on the consumer, ok what's left for xbox one exclusives? halo, gears, forza 7, state of decay, crackdown 3, sea of thieves, cuphead..... then what? If Microsoft doesn't deliver with new IP's and games with VARIETY (different types of IP genre, not the same old 'CoD-levels-of-stale' shooter racer TPS, Scalebound was different to that and so is Cuphead) at E3 2017 releasing between Scorpio's release and the next E3 after, then I would not be surprised if xbox players hold off on purchasing the Scorpio until the games are present. At the moment I would not be surprised if Microsoft start shifting production of current yet-to-release xbox one games to Scorpio to increase the game count, like they did to the xbox 360 years before xbox one was revealed and released.

Even then there's another problem in play as xbox one games are playable on PC via their windows store, most players obviously have at least a moderately powerful PC capable of playing games at decent frame rates and visuals, most dedicated gamers have gaming rigs with scorpio level power (why would these dedicated gamers bother spending many hundreds of pounds/dollars on a scorpio when they can get xbox exclusives via windows store, and third party games on steam?). Microsoft dropped the ball big time, should have ultimately focused on quality games instead of irrelevant things to a gaming console like movies and TV and ESPN which if they did they wouldn't be in this mess where the competition is providing many quality exclusives to meet demand.

Phil Spencer has just gone into Don Mattrick levels of f*ckery.

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Sparta071741d ago

@sir,Damage control!? For YOU it might not been a must have for you but it was for lots of Xboxone owners.
Hell I was jealous of this game, come on!!! Open world dragon game with rpg elements!! Who wouldn't want that?
Think this is BS. Too many games being cancelled by Microsoft.
Especially since this is what Microsoft needs, NEW IPS!!

SirJoJo1741d ago

Yes that's right sparta, it is why started with IMO (in my opinion) or did you miss that part

deafdani1741d ago

Exactly my sentiment. Scalebound was the only exclusive Xbox One game that made me sad because I didn't own the console (and I wouldn't have bought it only for that one game).

Now I hope someone else gets this project and funds it, either Sony or Nintendo. I think it deserves to happen.

ShadowWolf7121741d ago

Unfortunately, I believe this IP is the property of Microsoft. No chance of another company salvaging it.

The concept, maybe, but the details of the game itself, the assets, characters, are all MS's.

Kokyu1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

It'll be a Scorpio exclusive now watch.

Yeah cause MS is just known for making right moves this Gen...hahaha.

Sure they did. Like the Rime dev parted ways with Sony and Rime is still coming ou on PS4.

Majin-vegeta1741d ago

Yea I don't think MS wants to burn what little trust they have left of the gaming community

Overload1741d ago

I doubt it and if it was that, it would be an even bigger insult and backlash.

notachance1741d ago

if you bothered to read the article it said the two companies 'part ways'

ninsigma1741d ago

I liked it at first but the last gameplay showing really wasn't good.

Deadpooled1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Could say that about any game with a 'last gameplay showing really wasn't good', for example look at the backlash to the Final Fantasy 15 gameplay previous to it releasing and compare it to release, look at the complaints to Titanfall 2 and look how it turned out at release etc. (as long as the devs put in effort and listen to feedback instead of being forced to release in a shoddy state eg EA battlefront)

gangsta_red1741d ago

It may have looked rough but it was one of the games I was really looking forward to. It makes no sense that Platinum can pump out Starfox, TMNT, Neir and Transformers but had trouble with this game?

I have always said what was the point of the Scorpio if there's no games. Which is why I was not a fan of mid gen upgrades to begin with.

And now with this cancellation I will definitely hold off on anything Scorpio until much later just to see if any other games gets cancelled.

lelo2play1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I surprised Scalebound was cancelled since Microsoft already dropped lot of money on it (I think)... but in all fairness, the game wasn't looking that great.

I've said it several times... Japanese developers get "lazzy" when working for Microsoft. They take Microsoft's money and deliver shitty exclusives (with few exceptions like Lost Odyssey).
Microsoft need to invest more in European e American developers. Forget about the Japanese market and Japanese developers.

Sunny_D1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Really? You're going to call an entire industry lazy because they haven't been able to release good games for a specific console? Guess what? The common denominator here is Microsoft. If anything, it's Microsoft fault for not having the insight on picking good games, or providing the resources to the devs.

That's why Sony excels and why free agent devs like Kojima picked Sony to release his game with.

trooper_1741d ago

So we're blaming Japanese developers for this?!

Lol, please use the /s tag next time okay?

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notachance1741d ago

MS was like, 'bruh you gave us a hipster wearing beats headphone game with godawful fps but you gave Sony a cute girl wearing flying suit and 60 fps game, man that's bull'

SirJoJo1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

😂😂 I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually true... Nier looks sick

Omnislashver361741d ago

Which cute girl game are you talking about?

Deadpooled1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )


Notachance is talking about Nier Automata (aka the game that recently SJW's are trying to censor 2B but the developer literally destroyed them on Twitter)

1741d ago
Deadpooled1741d ago

Microsoft might as well shift all their first party games to Scorpio at this rate.

morventhus1741d ago

Sooo I guess ms has decided to run the sequel machine to thr ground instead of original ips

XanderZane1741d ago

Sea of Thieves is a sequel? Sunset Overdrive was a sequel? Cuphead is a sequel? Interesting...