Spore - a Bitter Disappointment

Quote: "Hype" is a funny thing. Everyone who's the slightest bit familiar with the gaming industry knows that any game worth playing will succeed. In this 2.0-type worldwide blogotron that immerses us, we get to find out every possible opinion on a game five days before it's released.

Opinions that are free from markedroid spin and uninformed fanboy glee, opinions from people who have played it all before and seen it all before and dare each game to impress...

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Sucks2BU3686d ago

This guys is on the case. Spot on if you ask me: looks like Will Wright has crawled too far up his own a$$ to be able to make good games any more!

Sucks2BU3686d ago

a zillion space bucks that Spore ends up on all the consoles within 12 months. It is a given.

Especially as they are going to have to recoup all the money they didn't get because the game sucks

Panthers3686d ago

"Hype" is a funny thing. Everyone who's the slightest bit familiar with the gaming industry knows that any game worth playing will succeed."

There is a problem with that. Some games that dont get hype dont succeed when they deserve to. Team ICO games are one instance of this. As well as Beyond Good and Evil.

BTW, I have never played any of those games and I know I need to now because I visit sites like this. But when I wasnt in the know-how, I never really even knew about those game. Why? No hype.

Anyway, I am still sorta interested in Spore. Just doesnt seem like the fun lasts long enough.

Sucks2BU3686d ago

although most of the games would have done decent numbers in the long-term with word-of-mouth.

Except poor old Project Snowblind. I love that game

Fishy Fingers3686d ago

Gameplayer slag off everything, probably just to draw up some controversy and generated a few hits.

Has there ever been a game they liked? Perhaps if they hate games so much they should stop playing them, or at least stop moaning about them.

Sucks2BU3686d ago

Another way of saying that is; the only stories that go hot on this site that you end up seeing are the ones that are controversial. The site is filled with lots of good solid reading, it just doesn't stir up the community here.

for e.g they have one of the highest reviews in the world for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I put it up on n4g yesterday and it barely got approved.

Don't pay out gameplayer because the n4g crowd is shallow, I guess is what I am saying.

P.S This Spore article is a second opinion. Their official review is linked at the bottom and has a different take on the experience.

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