13 Best Third Person Shooter Games of 2016

Chillopedia: 2016 has been a spectacular year for games, but one genre that was saturated with mind-blowing games was the third person shooters. From flawless graphics to captivating gameplay, gaming companies have really outdone themselves this time. Here’s a list of what we thought were the best 13 third person shooter games of 2016.

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Last_Boss2270d ago

Tomb Raider & Uncharted are Action Adventure games. They aren't in the same category, because of how you complete the game.

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Bronxs152270d ago

I bought Quantum Break on sale for $30.00 (Canadian) in best buy. And I installed it and played it last night. It was amazing and really blew me away. Was not expecting it to be that good, one of the best stories I enjoyed in a videogame because of the live action parts. They are really well done, there was a character I loved and a few I hated. Awesome moments and jaw dropping surprises/twist/shocks I didn't see coming!

I started playing around 6:30pm after dinner and went all the way to 3:30 am in one session. During one of the episodes midway through I enjoyed 2 slices of pizza and a cold beer for sustenance to keep playing into the morning lol.

The more I game I'm learning how unfortunate it is people put so much weight into reviews. People should look at a game and if it looks cool to them and catches there interest, or is a genre of game they enjoy then give it a try!

In the past I've purchased games simple because they score a 9 or 10 review from a site like IGN, but then when I got the game and played it, it really wasn't fun for me and I didn't get far in the game. But some games that got mediocre review scores I got them once they were on sale and totally enjoyed them.

So what I did after I finished Quantum Break was I went to metacritic and looked at reviewers that scored they game highly (since I also had a high opinion of the game) and now when I have time I will look at some other reviews from those reviewers since their taste may be in line with mine.

I also looked at some of the negative reviews to see what their gripes where with the game. one reviewer docked points cus the game had "product placement". I found that foolish. You never heard people docking points for metal gear 4 when it had apple and sony products in it. But MICROSOFT makes a game for their system and when the characters use a tablet, it's a surface, and when they use a computer it's a windows 10 pc and when they use a phone it's a windows phone.... and people are docking points. it's MICROSOFT, do you expect them to promote apple and android devices in their productions. forget about the fact that product placement doesn't have anything to do with the story of actual gameplay of the game it seemed petty to me.

tl;dr: It's too bad some people are caught up in review score culture that they will hate on a game based on someone else's experience with it and will loose out the experience of playing the game themselves. Quantum break was awesome to me and if you're think about it, try it!

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I agree with your opinion about Quantum Break. I really enjoyed that game. I also agree with your overall point about thinking for yourself and judging games for yourself rather than taking some meta average as the gospel truth.

Bronxs152270d ago

Having played a lot of those games, my favorite was Rise of the tomb raider, then quantum break, then uncharted 4. I just started gears of war 4 not sure how it will place on the list but so far i'm liking it better than uncharted 4.