5 reasons why Microsoft will support Kinect and release a new version in 2017

2016 was seemingly a bad year for Microsoft’s Kinect device. Sure, there were a few interesting Kinect games, such as Fru, that received a lot of praise from critics and gamers but overall consensus among even the most die-hard Kinect supporters was that Microsoft was planning to phase the device out, eventually discontinuing support for it completely.

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gamer7804704d ago

i agree, the author makings good points, i for one recommended an xbox 360 even over the xbox one, they were primarily interested in the kinect games and fitness as well. While the xbox one has some games, the xbox 360 has far more, and with the ousting of Xbox Fitness this year, there will be no real solid workout games. There are also very few xbox one games using kinect vs the 360. I really hope they release it again, sure it isn't a replacement for traditional games, but its a nice option for a different kind of fun.

Phunkydiabetic1703d ago

Kinect is dead. It failed on the 360. It was an embarrassing joke on the One. It's dead.

thexmanone702d ago (Edited 702d ago )

it still works on mine. I use it everyday. Hey Contana on

zb1ftw777702d ago

It is dead, but it is no joke.

I've had lots of social gatherings and always got kinect sports out.

Bowling is amazing with 4-8 players.

The tech in kinect is still impressive to this day.

AngelicIceDiamond702d ago

Its dead. The very last thing MS needs to do is flip flop with Kinect. Kinect in general needs to stay gone for the entirety of the MS game division and the sake of their division as well. There focus should only be on AAA gaming and nothing else, for the time being anyway.

Bigpappy703d ago

Yeah. Still want Kinect and hopefully some more activity games WITHOUT VR

Relientk77704d ago

I don't see Kinect coming back anytime soon unless they use it for a VR headset for Xbox/Scorpio

Razzer703d ago

Yeah....other than that it is dead. And good riddance I say.

blackout703d ago

There has to be a camera of some sort for the new headsets coming. Microsoft has 3rd party support for HoloLens & VR. Trust me something is brewing, a camera is going to be needed. If they are smart they will just bundle it when you buy a VR headset and or sold separately. Kinect isn't going anywhere RoomAlive (Razer just demoed Project Ariana at CES yesterday), VR, AR/HoloLens. All bases are being covered while saving money. Microsoft is allowing there partners to be creative while not having to dishing out a $600m investment like Sony.

KaoSouL703d ago

Since the Xbox VR is already said to use an internal gyroscope for tracking, there's no need for a camera what-so-ever. There are plenty of cellphones with VR that don't use a camera. The camera was just Sony's shifty way to make people buy another peripheral along with the PS VR.

kneon702d ago

They would be better of with something like leap motion that actually does track your hands accurately.

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OpenGL703d ago

I find it hard to imagine them bringing it back given it's been completely abandoned with Xbox One S marketing and will be even further from view when Scorpio releases as a 4K-centric gaming device.

TheColbertinator703d ago

Yeah this does seem odd.

Xbox One Launch can use Kinect,does not use 4K or VR(as of this current time)

Xbox One S does not come with Kinect(requires separate purchase),comes with 4K but does not support VR(as of this current time)

Scorpio is not confirmed to come with Kinect,comes with 4K and VR support (in house or Rift) is not yet established.

Rude-ro703d ago (Edited 702d ago )

I thought the Xbox one s does not support a Kinect connection?

Added. It does not come with a Kinect connection..
You have to buy an adaptor

TheColbertinator702d ago


It does. I'm linking the support page if anyone needs to hook up Kinect to their S

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