What if Nintendo Switch Has its Own Game Rental Service?

During its CES 2017 keynote NVIDIA revealed that GeForce Now, its cloud-game streaming service that beams games to its NVIDIA Shield TV microconsole, is coming to PC and Mac.

Since Nintendo's new Switch handheld-and-console hybrid features similar Tegra-based architecture as the Shield TV, what if Nintendo opened up its own games rental service?

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wonderfulmonkeyman922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

As long as that service doesn't become some sort of huge package deal, that results in putting a paywall in front of online multiplayer, I don't care if it exists.
Paywalling multiplayer is the one big thing I want Nintendo to avoid doing. We pay enough for games as it is; being forced to pay a second time, in any amount, just to play with our friends, feels anti-consumer to me.

Maybay922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

But, but... We get games for free! /s.

Like the PS3; it should be an optional service, not forced upon consumers.

phoenixwing921d ago

Definitely this, one of the reasons I want to get a switch is for the free online play. I remember being in the forums saying how great the ps3 was over the xbox 360 because of this very issue. I bought a ps4 but I refused to pay for online (and still do) simply because I stand by what I said back then. The only reason I have a ps4 is because, as it stands, it gets great single player games and jrpg's. If Nintendo went the online pay for play route I'll just get a gaming pc.

lellkay921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I think if Nintendo wants their Online service to rival that of PSN/XBL they will need at least a premium service (with a sub) Just to be able to maintain it and offer features to the same level as the rivals. This is why i feel Sony had to do it with the PS4, to really give them the leverage to get PSN as more of a rival to XBL as opposed to a far inferior service.

pcz921d ago

they will paywall, and you will be the first here to defend them.

wonderfulmonkeyman921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

No, you slanderous asshole, I won't.
I've already made my statement regarding paywalls clear; just like PSN on the PS4, I won't pay a single cent for it, and will stick to single player only games, once I have the console, if they choose to block off online multiplayer with a paywall, because it is anti-consumer regardless of the hardware doing it.
You might defend that bullshit, being such a Sony pony, but I won't stand for it even if it's Nintendo doing it, so f*** off.

JunMei920d ago

I fully agree. I've been playing multiplayer games online on PC since the 90s, and I've never paid then, so I don't intend to pay now. The fact is, when playing online with a non mmo game, a server is only used on the game's end for matchmaking, while the the system creating the room, becomes the server that actually runs the game. So, it's silly to make us pay when our own systems are literally doing most of the work.

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Summons75921d ago

That'd be the worst decision any company made.

Dan_scruggs921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

What if tacos were actually stale burritos?
What if Nintendo made toilet plungers?
What if video game were a government conspiracy to make your fingers cramp up?

rjason12921d ago

Hopefully if they do it, it's not "25$ for 20 hours!" Lmao.

XStation4pio_Pro921d ago

then you would/could rent games on Switch?

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