Game-OST: Music of Bionic Commando - Interview with sound director & composer Simon Viklund

Game-OST writes: "Ahh… Simon Viklund. This name should be known for every fan of «Ballistics» - fastest game on the Earth. Yeah, his pumping Prodigy-like music charms our ears through the nitro ride in the depths of gigantic tube. Then was the «Bandits: Phoenix Rising». A post nuclear adventure on the wheels, we can say. Very atmospheric mix of techno, rock, funk and disco – that's what Simon showed us.

Today he is working at GRIN as a sound director/composer on two big projects: Bionic Command and Bionic Command Rearmed. Want to know more?

Q: First of all, tell us about yourself and how do you managed to get into Grin.

A: My name is Simon Viklund, I'm 28 years old and I've worked at grin for eight years almost exactly. I know Ulf, one of the founders of the company, from art high school. When the company was just starting out and they were making prototype games to show investment companies in order to raise funding, I was the one who composed the music for them."

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