Game Focus: Shred Nebula Review

Game Focus writes: "Shred Nebula is a little strange. The controls are a little fishy, and will take a ton of getting used to if you're hard wired for the Geometry Wars' accelerate/move left-stick movement. But adapting becomes essential to your success as you drift through space and blast away baddies in what is an unadulterated tribute to Asteroids, Geometry Wars and... fighting games?

While the online multiplayer versus completely rocks – even at a lowly three out of a potentially chaotic eight – the single player frustrates. A camera that zooms in and out hectically at its own pace becomes as agitating as the constant text pop-ups that intrude on gameplay every 15 seconds. Drifting through space like a suped-up street racing Honda as you blast a variety of uniquely crafted, uh, spacecrafts (most of which are available in multiplayer) is a blast, as a variety of attacks and a fighting-game combo system changes what you might expect from a free-roaming shooter. Once you figure out the attacks, that is."

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