PS3 Ships a Million in Japan

Sony has managed to pretty much double its domestic shipment figure in the first two weeks of January.

The company announced today that as of 1/16, it has crossed the one million shipped mark throughout Japan. This figure includes Japan only, and not the rest of Asia.

With the sudden increase in Japanese shipments, the PS3 has now crossed the two million shipped mark in North America and Japan. This feat comes two weeks following launch, which Sony cites as a record amongst its own systems.

nice_cuppa6161d ago

sat in stores unwanted.
same in us, canada and soon europe...
i have 9 friends with 360's 4 with wii's.

nobody i know plans to buy a ps3.

PS3 Ultimate6161d ago

over 30 of my friends won't by a 360. They are going to buy the PLAYSTATION 3. They don't want a 360. GIVE UP.

Daewoodrow6161d ago

somehow, I doubt you of all people would have 30 friends.

JasonPC360PS3Wii6161d ago

30 friends that just smells of BS.

PS3 Ultimate6161d ago

The PLAYSTATION 3 is catching up faster than even I thought! Over 2 million sold already! SONY STILL exceeded their goal as they said they were going to SHIP 2 million units in North American. Instead it was split in half, 1 million for Japan, 1 million for Japan!

Marriot VP6161d ago

HAH, 2 million sold - that's funny

Anyways they AREN'T overdelivering the PS3's. They promised 4 million worldwide by the end of 2006 at E3.

JasonXE6161d ago

you know you don't have that many friends unless there all on aim or something.

ASSASSYN 36o6161d ago (Edited 6161d ago )

It says 2 million shipped not sold. No one wants that piece of crap. I see you on virtually every post with this I live for PS3 crap trying to convert players to that doomed system to no avail. It's following the same exact path of the dreamcast. It sold initially and now it is failing to a dismal demise. Accept the inevitable reality. Death of the POS3 is inevitable. You sound like the water boy trying to manipulate people into drinking ps3 bull crap.

rowdy 16161d ago

the folks I work with and most all the people I play Socom with either have or are getting a PS3. I get mine in two weeks, and I cant freaking wait. XBOX is a good system but I get sick of FPS games all the time. I didn't know you could play Socom online on PS3 and use the headset in the usb port. Thats cool. Who wants to take on the RED CELL clan? Socoms finest.

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FirstknighT6161d ago (Edited 6161d ago )

This is like the 20th time somebody posted this same article! I guess it makes the sony duds feel better everytime they read it! To bad the ps3 is sitting in shelves all over the place! And the 360 is still selling well! It's already over! 360 has already won! The ps3 is a disaster! Sony needs to go back and pay attention to the ps2!

The 360 and Ps2 is outselling the ps3 by a far margin! Just shows that nobody cares about blue ray.

It's sad seeing the sony faithful just try and try! They ignore the TONS of facts and articles about the ps3 being a disaster! Yet they clinge on that one article for hope.....really is sad!!!

The ps3 is dead! Jump in!

PS3 Ultimate6161d ago

Your wrong I bet you money that everyone else is waiting for a price drop and better games to arrive. When that happens 360 will be dead. PERIOD> Play B3yond the box!

Darth Gamer6161d ago

I actually agree with you ponce in that people are waiting for a price cut. The problem is, is that there is no plans for one in the forseeable future. So, while these things sit on shelves waiting for that big price cut, MS is gaining even more steam. This in turn is going to bring more developers to concider bringing their once exclusive game over to the 360 to actually make money. This then makes more people switch over from wanting a PS3 to saying "Hey, Maybe I'll give this 360 thing a try". It's a death spiral and if SONY is going to have any hopes of getting out of it, they better do something soon. As of right now, there are 4 PS3's sitting at my local Wal-mart that have been there for about 2 weeks. I can also call just about any VG store in this area and hear that the PS3 is in stock. I'm not talking sh!t about the PS3, (hell ,I want one too even though I own a 360)but I along with the masses are waiting for the price cut that is going to come a little too late. SONY out priced themselves out of the market this gen. IMO they really messed up by including a Blu-ray player whether it's superior technology or not.

rowdy 16161d ago

you are not even a tru gamer. The system has been out 2monts. Just go to your XBOX site. OOps thats right they are all over here trying to see whats going on with the PS3. If your system is so great what are you doing over hear. Shouldn't you be playing it with all the good games you have. You should be busy. Busy bee thats you. Go play The burger king game or something.

mellowspaz6161d ago (Edited 6161d ago )

A lot of us have jobs doofus. We're surfing the net while at work. Ever wonder why the attach rate for 360 owners is so high? It's because most 360 owners are an older demographic with good income jobs who can afford purchasing many games.

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nice_cuppa6161d ago

the first sony fangirl skipped the article and the first post and went straight for the pole.

mumble mumble 'sold' mumble slurp mumble 'doing good' mumble slurp mumble

GULP and i love ya !

nice_cuppa6161d ago

could it have been ps3 ultimate sony big fella smoker.
does it taste good boy.

yeah you like that dont cha