No PS3 Trophy support for Guitar Hero World Tour

During the Activision press event in Santa Monica last week, discovered that Neversoft has no plans at this time to support PS3 Trophies in Guitar Hero World Tour.

"The PS3 version of Guitar Hero World Tour does not support Trophies," said the Activision representative. "But Neversoft is planning for them in future PS3 titles."

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pwnsause3776d ago

uh oh, they just dug their own grave there.

RevN8r3776d ago

Only helping to further justify day 1 purchase of RB2 and rental-pre-purchase GH:WT. Definitely an odd move though, why not just move the achievements over to trophies?

Vito_corleone3776d ago

I couldn't care less, the tracklist is way more important than enlargning my E-penis.

LevDog3776d ago

Whats funny about this and other games that dont add trophies.. Its not that hard to transfer Achievments to trophies.. for one.. for 2 if you have time to add songs or levels.. how hard is it to add 30-50 trophies?


BaSeBaLlKiD7213776d ago

this article just cemented my decision. i wasnt sure if i should buy GH:WT or RB2. now since GH:WT wont support trophies while RB2 does, RB2 is a definite buy for me

Lord_Ash3776d ago

I just hope it has a good online system on the PS3 with voice chat and invites.

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