Second Xbox Games With Gold Title Now Showing as Free to XBL Gold Members

As 2017 is now upon some of us, the second title in the recently announced Games With Gold January 2017 line-up is now available to download via the Microsoft Store.

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M4DE_IN_W4LE51562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

misleading headlines u tools , I thought they meant KI season2 until closer reading . Of course ' the second xbox game is now showing as free ' ffs it usually is on the first of the month.

yomfweeee1562d ago

How did you get KI S2 out of that title?

XMarkstheSpot1562d ago

I got KI out of that also. The title states "Second Xbox Games with Gold title" which would mean KI since its the second game out of the month.