New Halo Helmed By MGS4 Producer

Rumor has it that Ryan Payton, late of Kojima Productions, has landed a pretty impressive job here in the states.

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Jamie Foxx3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

of working with kojima can only enhance the future halo experience, this is good news for halo fans

Rick Astley3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Ryan Payton = Assistant producer. Hideo Kojima produced and directed MGS4. Ryan Payton hardly did anything for MGS4. All he did was help with the controls.

Jamie Foxx3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

no matter how limited his time was spent with kojima(controls are very important they can make and break a game,just ask lair) just working in a team that made one of the best games ever can only benefit you as a developer

sonarus3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

lol @downplaying ryan paytons role because he wants to work on halo haha

The reality of the situation is MGS4 wouldn't have been as awesome especially controls wise if it wasn't for him. He was a very valued asset to kojima productions. He was that american giving them that western influence.

His impact working on Halo will be minimal though but expect fanboys to blow this out of proportion. Halo doesn't need any more western if they got hideo kojima to make halo:o

Montrealien3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Ryan Payton played a good role on MGS4, especially in the controles department and was being praised in these same comments sections just months ago.

As Jamies said, it can only be good for the Halo franchise and it`s fans. If this rumor comes to be true. Some people`s true colors really shine with certain stories,, even in the gamer zone. Right Rick?

gaffyh3687d ago

Ryan basically tried to make MGS4 a little more westernised, so the western audience liked the game a little more. Hence why the controls were much more simplified and easier than any previous MGS (although I would have been fine with the normal controls, some people couldn't handle the controlling in the previous games).

solidsnakus3687d ago

i dunno but that cover system in mgs4 was a complete pile of craap. its really apparent in online when you take cover and by the time you actually shoot the enemy is already behind you. its just slow as hell.

SUP3R3687d ago

Such a hypocritical comment Rick.
So Ryan's the enemy now?
You're hilarious, please grow up and get past that immature mentality.

sonarus3687d ago

That cover was designed for snake. Its especially useful when you have your octo camo suit on so you can peek around a corner with your stealth percentage intact.

Playing online don't use that cover system. But if you are playing online as snake then use it

MazzingerZ3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Nice to hear, the will make Halo more appealing to the Wast or to the East?....I don't think Halo had problems with the controls...there's no much he can improve reg. Halo in the West...what Halo needs is a Kojima...all the opposite to what MGS4 just needed Ryan to help out with the localization in the West...MGS4 is as awesome as MGS3 for fans...but non-fans that loved MGS4 would hardly enjoy MGS3...

By the way, Rick has a point

deeznuts3687d ago

I personally didn't like Halo 3. Not my cup of tea I gueess. Not calling it a bad game, since everyone and their momma is still playing it.

If Payton truly is helping out, maybe I might check out the next one. Though I agree, it's not Hideo on Halo 3.


can't wait............HALO f**k yeah!

-Maverick-3687d ago

Yea baby!!!!

Halo 4 is coming!!! It's going to be CRAZY!!!

uie4rhig3687d ago

Halo: Metal Gear Chief :)

Lifendz3687d ago

I think Ryan helped with the gameplay overall; not just the controls.

And if this is true then great move by Bungie. At 199.99, I was thinking about picking up a 360 but I'll wait until I'm sure Halo 4 isn't going to be for the next Xbox.

AAACE53687d ago

Nice work! Good understanding. It makes sense that if this guy worked around Kojima for a while that he would be able to pick up on some of the things that Kojima did to make his games so great, and those skills could also be used in other games!

Good positive comment... I was beginning to think you were a fanboy... I'm glad to see you're not!

Solid-Snake083686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Maybe now the Halo series will actually be worth a playthrough.

killax35633686d ago

Payton's cashing in on his MGS4 fame.... but he won't change Halo 4 much (unless he acutally programs).

To me, its like if Jade Raymond decided to produce for Halo. Won't make much of a difference. Payton just dealt with localization, and making things more "Western".

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sinncross3687d ago

never liked him, so doesn't bother me either way since I dont own a 360

Omega43687d ago

Wow MS is really recruiting an all star dev team for this new Halo game, all whats left is someone from the nintendo camp to join and your guarenteed a AAA game

AAACE53687d ago

They already said they wanted Miyamoto...(or his hames at least, around the same time they said they wanted Final fantasy on the 360!

I wonder if MS will try to pick up Itagaki or will he just open up his own studio? People don't give him enough credit!

bomboclaat_gamer3686d ago

i dont want anything to do with nintendo rasta. they will just load halo with a bunch of mini games and halo 4 will be rated E, for 3 and older lol

Stryfeno23687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

MS are done with AAA titles...They hiring all the big names in the industry. Now here comes the AAAA titles. A new age has begun.

iceice1233687d ago

Are a true winner at life.

socomnick3687d ago

lol best comment i have read in a long time.

ThatCanadianGuy3687d ago

lol.I guess you're talking to me? since you know..xbots don't insult fellow xbots.Its against the oath you take before you ride microsofts c0ck

Anywho,i find it hilarious that you all go nuts over a RUMOR from KOTAKU.But whatever.You kids have fun.

lol icewake,aren't you the guy who has a man crush on cliffyb?

Montrealien3687d ago

I am fairly positive he was refering to patchstation 3`s comment.



ok ok had to say it sorry

bosels113687d ago

Halo is complete garbage for dumb [email protected] who buy microcock$ products.

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Isaac3687d ago

At least he'll get a good salary regardless of the final product