Square DS Titles Continue Poor Chart Performance

Final Fantasy IV DS fails to climb or improve performance while Dragon Quest fails to impress at all in the latest UK charts...

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TheColbertinator3684d ago

Not sure about Final Fantasy IV but I do know that Dragon Quest IV did'nt sell because the franchise is not as popular anywhere else except Japan.The reason why Dragon Quest 8 got so much attention is because the PS2 fanbase was itching to try out a franchise that rivaled Final Fantasy in Japan.Not to mention that Dragon Quest and the DS versions are seen by some as just lazy ports to make quick cash.

One more thing is that the announcement of DQ9 being on the DS would be like saying that Final Fantasy XIII would be on the DS.Lately I have no idea of what Square Enix's real iniative is becoming.

AP3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

To be fair to Square, the Dragon Quest DS ports aren't quick cash ins at all, and are easily as impressive as FF4 DS was.. If you want a quick, cheap cash in, look at Chrono Trigger DS - a straight port, not a remake unlike the FF/DQ DS games.

Square's initiative is driven by cash. Even if DQ doesn't take off worldwide, DQ9 on the DS in the DS-loving Japan will mean ridiculous, ridiculous sales.

TheColbertinator3684d ago

I understand that.I guess Chrono Trigger would be a more precise candidate for my point.I just believe that Square Enix can be considered more seriously with consumers by remaking the old Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games on a console like the Wii.Seeing DQ4 come to the Wii would blow my mind and I know other fans of the game would buy it day one.

The other FF games like 7,8 and 9 would be amazing if remade on the PS3/360 and I wish that Square Enix could understand that.

sajj3163684d ago

Agreed with your point. I would also add that whatever potential sales it could have had was also crushed with the popularity of R4DS. Your only a download away from playing Dragon Quest.

mohib-uddin79865323684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

They should not have lied to there fanbase by realising FF13 on 360

Myst-Vearn3684d ago

DQ was never big outside japan so meh as for FFIV I think people are sick of playing that game...and the 39 dollars price definitely did not help either.

I am just disappointed that DQIX is on a handheld...I wanted another epic adventure with oblivion-like world but I guess SE only cares about money since production cost on DS cost much much less than on PS3

sinncross3684d ago

psp and ps3, stop being idiots Square.

ZackFair3684d ago

look how immensely well Crisis Core did worldwide.

v1c1ous3684d ago

stick something ff7 related on DS and watch it burn the charts. its not console related, squeenix can't expect the less known FF/DQ titles to suddenly become hot ****

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