Remedy Calls Alan Wake/Quantum Break's Linear Gameplay Lost Opportunities,Talks Multiplayer Approach

Remedy reflected on the linear gameplay of Alan Wake & Quantum Break, calling those lost opportunities in hindsight.

They also talked briefly about their approach to multiplayer in future projects.

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-Foxtrot2346d ago

Why don't they focus improving their single player before crappy multiplayer

Quatum Break was a step back for these guys, they can do better and focusing on multiplayer to try and please publishers so they'll get funded is ridiculous....and lets be honest that's why they are doing online now.

Erik73572346d ago

I agree, I don't want a multiplayer game from Remedy. I want a good single player experience from Remedy.

Festano2346d ago

Me too, I think they're reading this flop completely wrong.

NukaCola2346d ago

Uncharted is a good study tool

RpgSama2345d ago

They are so out of touch about why their game was a commercial flop, they're going by last generation practice of, "it must have been because it didn't have added on multiplayer! ...Yeah, that's the reason".

If only they didn't spend the majority of their budget on TV segments that people didn't ask, and put that time, money and resources on the game, it would have been something really special.

Alan Wake to me is one of the best games of the last generation, had so much fun with it.

Imp0ssibl32346d ago

I haven't played Alan Wake but I enjoyed Quantum Break, it was a nice experiment. But it's probably a lot cheaper to add cool and open world elements to expand their games than paying top class actors like they did for the TV episodes.

Thatguy-3102346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

If they can't nail stories in linear games you swear they'll do any better with adding open world elements. The people at remedy are talented but we need to stop expecting them to produce titles that match the once produce by companies like Naughty dog or Rockstar.

darthv722346d ago

Alan wake was awesome storywise as well as game play. Have not played quantum break but I understand that while the game play is really good... it is those live action cut scenes that really break the flow and tend to ruin the overall experience.

It looks appealing to me as I like the premise of the story.

PrinterMan2346d ago

IMHO Quantum break is a mess on PC even after updates. Time powers felt tacked on and unnecessary most of the time. Got it on sale and I will never finish the game. 5 out of 10 for me. Graphics are okay but nothing to write home about either. Shaky performance even on my GTX 1080 at 1440p. There are nicer looking games that offer much better performance than this one. Just my 2 cents.

lastking952346d ago

Exactly the tv show really took you out the moment. You complete an epic gp sequence hungry for more only to have a 20 min cutscene....

@printerman 😒 thats like someone saying max payne bullet time is tacked on lol gtfoh

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Godmars2902346d ago

"Why don't they focus improving their single player before crappy multiplayer?"

Because MS. Once Halo 2 saved the Xbox, justified XBL, that became their focus.

EyeAmTJ2346d ago

Nothing is wrong with their single player games, Quantum Break was short yes, but it was still a good story an game, Alan Wake was a classic

SnotyTheRocket2346d ago

You must not have a fun time playing with other people

Christopher2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I feel it was more of a lateral move, not a step back.

Alan Wake had great storytelling but I felt the mechanics were tedious and boring. Quantum break had good gameplay, but that story... meh to the meh to the predictable meh.

What I would rather see is them to shrug off the gimmick of TV spots and develop a sequel to QB that makes more sense and truly embraces time manipulation. Something that doesn't give you power and then have you use it only where and how they tell you to use it while doing the exact thing you wanted to do with it 30 minutes later. And, have branching choices that truly matter and really affect the game in a very noticeable way.

Or, if they go with a new IP, just try doing better than their past games. Don't hold themselves back.

Edit: And I don't think linear gameplay is so much an issue as it is linear storytelling while telling us we make a decision to change things. If I make one choice or another, why do I still end up going to the same place to do the same thing next?

81BX2346d ago

I thought QB was great. Lol

lastking952346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I'll take both, thank you. Quantum breaks only problems were the tv show taking away from play time and lack of content which mp would've help. So take that bs else where. Why choose 1 great sp exprience when you can have both sp and mp. At $60 EVERY GAME must have both for me. Otherwise I wait till its $40, unless there some deal for buying it.(gift card etc)

OT remedy has my respect they learned and recongized how their games couldve been even better. I really hope we get an alan wake 2 or qb 2 with those ideas.

The tv show honestly wasnt bad but i came to play not watch. Why many hate qte's. Had qb been an episodic game then the show would've received with more love.

81BX2346d ago

I liked the tv show. A lot of people didnt but it was something fresh for a change. Hope it goes on sale soon.

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lelo2play2345d ago

Alan Wake was a very good game.
Quantum Break was crap.
What the hell happened to Remedy?

lastking952345d ago

Alan wake is overrated imho. Wasnt bad but id take Quantum break over AW any day.

2345d ago
Jon_Targaryen2345d ago

One word... Microtransactions.

Phil322345d ago

I agree as well. Too many devs focus on both single and multi and that makes both suffer.

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ccgr2346d ago

Haven't played this one yet, it's gotten mixed reviews. Maybe when it goes on sale

Alexious2346d ago

Just look out for the next big Steam sale. I think it's worth it if you enjoy narrative heavy games, but then again I always liked time-travel themed stories.

KaiPow2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

QB wasn't a W10 exclusive?

Edit: oh right, there was a DX10 version that released later on

81BX2346d ago

I disagree! Buy it. Support the devs on this one!

Gazondaily2345d ago

Depends on how cheap really. After you're done with it, you're hardly going to go back to it. At least in my opinion.

Chris_Wray2346d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

See, the original idea of Alan Wake was for it to be more open. That would have been fantastic, to see a game with the obvious quality of Alan Wake be considerably less linear and, as a result, less boring. The best example of this would be Deadly Premonition which has become a cult classic for a number of reasons, the open world and being able to explore it certainly helped this.

Gazondaily2346d ago

Yeah absolutely. An open world Alan wake game where you have to run against the clock before sunset and stuff...oh man, that would have been incredible.

_-EDMIX-_2346d ago

Technically speaking Alan Wake was originally supposed to be open world

That was before Microsoft published the game..

2346d ago
Kleptic2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

@jason, it was absolutely everywhere early last gen...

just google it...Alan Wake had a pretty troubled development, even before MS got involved and 'forced' it onto 360. The original concept was more or less confirmed to be an open world game, but Remedy kind of back peddled on that saying it was to be an 'open narrative' game or something...and was more talking about the story going in all kinds of different directions depending on player actions and choices (I'm guessing in a heavy rain kind of way, but with very different gameplay)...then saying they needed to close in the gameplay in order to tell a better story...something along those lines, but the game was in development for like half a decade.

The end game was good imo. It had a consistent theme and tone, which is not easy to come by when everyone and their dentists seem to be involved with creative decision making these days. I overall found it weaker than either of Remedy's max payne games, though. Haven't tried QB yet.

Gazondaily2346d ago

Yeah I know about the canned open world game. It looked great.

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_-EDMIX-_2346d ago

Lol I thought I was the only one that remembered that that game was originally supposed to be open world.

I missed what it was supposed to be.

xDealtwithIt2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

The first six months of development the game was open world. How could you have missed it when it wasnt even complete and hardly any gameplay was shown?

Also Remedy changed it way before MS published the game because the freedom of the open world killed their story narrative, or do you truly believe MS walked in and said no to an open world game? Lol

_-EDMIX-_2346d ago

@xDeal- I can still miss what it could have been.

It's very likely with Microsoft using DVD at the time for 360 that was simply changed because Microsoft did not have the format for such a game....

xDealtwithIt2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Except for the fact that there are many open world games on 360 using the DVD format. The actual Alan wake game hardly used CG cut scenes unlike other games that needed multiple discs because of the dvd format.

Sorry, but you just cant blame MS for this. Remedy said it themselves that an open world type style would kill the story narrative they were trying to tell.

_-EDMIX-_2346d ago

@xdeal- my comment regarding Microsoft and DVD is simply speculation especially if you factor Alan Wake started development before Microsoft even released the final specs of the 360.

Yes lots of open world games released for the 360 but lots of them had to clearly restrict their content and make their games fit DVD, something that Alan Wake likely didn't have a chance to do.

If Microsoft was going to fund and publish Alan Wake I'm extremely doubtful that the developer was ever going to reveal that Microsoft was not going to pay for the extra space Microsoft wasn't even willing to pay for the extra space to other developers that were openly complaining at the dated format.

I have no doubt in my mind that the same space they just used the previous-generation being used to once again might have had a lot to do with their decision to make it linear especially since it would be on a platform that clearly did not have all the units with hard drives and clearly was using DVD as the format.

If they used 7 gigs the last generation I'm pretty positive being revealed that they would be forced to use 7 gigs again might have changed their plans from open-world to linear.

That's simply speculation.

xDealtwithIt2346d ago

I'm glad you're speculating but now you have proof so there's no need to speculate any longer.

Remedy have gone on record that the decision to make it more linear was an internal decision and had nothing to do with MS or the dvd format.

2345d ago
_-EDMIX-_2345d ago

@City- "How could it have changed from being open world after Microsoft become publisher. Microsoft was signed up to publish from the start"


I'll give you time to do a little research

2344d ago
_-EDMIX-_2344d ago

@city-That's nice.

where on your post does it state that Microsoft was supposed to publish from the start of the development of Alan Wake?

Ummmm the development of Alan Wake started in 2005 Microsoft announces that they are partnered with Remedy in 2006.

My speculation on why Alan Wake became linear as opposed to open world is simply just that, speculation.

Your post regarding what remedy said it's simply their claim they're not going to openly state that the company that is no funding their game has weaker or dated Hardware but has caused their game to become linear.

All you have to do is look at the numerous developers that have confronted Microsoft on their dated format

Simply speculation but a little research will actually show you that Microsoft never started the development of Alan Wake, they partnered with a remedy after the fact.

The fact remains that Alan Wake was open world before Microsoft partnered with Remedy.

I'm not saying that remedy never made those comments I'm simply speculating on the truthfulness of them considering their position I don't believe they were going to throw Microsoft under the bus after they just funded their game.

I don't know , maybe you should actually research this information before posting lies that could simply be looked up

Your entire post prior is literally a lie that can be looked up smh.

Pretty much questions any crap that you post from here on out.

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Kakashi Hatake2346d ago

Why is a game better because it's open world? Not everything has to be a sandbox game. It's hard to nail a suspenseful tone with open world design

sullynathan2346d ago

open world doesn't mean sandbox

Chris_Wray2345d ago

No game is immediately better due to open world. Hell, I'm one of the most anti-Ubisoft people around at the moment and I do nothing but condemn the rut they're in, the constant open-worlding and Ubisofting of so many genres and franchises. However, there are merits to an open world and Alan Wake could have certainly benefited from the added content, the freedom to explore a town of horrors and such as that.

Of course a driven structure is always good for a creator, but it doesn't need to be completely open GTA style, I would never argue that. Again, look at Deadly Premonition or even the early Silent Hill games, they had a perfect mixture of open and closed.

Stogz2346d ago

I disagree completely, Alan Wake was a great story because it was linear. If they would've made it open world the story would have suffered since most open world games focus less on story.

_-EDMIX-_2346d ago

What if the story would have simply been just the same?

lastking952346d ago

Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

Alexious2346d ago

I actually remember the very first demonstration they had of the game, which showcased the open world elements. I hope they can still implement those ideas in a sequel.

_-EDMIX-_2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

When they are showing the cool weather affects?


If someone could find the original footage somewhere that would be greatly appreciated.

Edit- found it!

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Notwithrocksteady2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

The gunplay and time powers are amoung the best I've ever played. I wish they had regular cut scenes and made a survival mode, because I just wanted 1000 more bad guys to shoot with my awesome powers. The explosions are better than any uncharted game imo. To the people calling the game too short, I could run do pretty much any game in under five hours if I want to overlook every collectible and story item. Uncharted 4 took me 19 hrs and quantum break took me 15, not a big deal. quantum break should've been a $40 game. Uncharted 4 gives more replay value at $60.

guyman2346d ago

"The explosions are better than any uncharted game in my opinion"

What a massive achievement

2345d ago
gbsrnctaln2346d ago

This game sucked monkey nutts.

2345d ago