Fail0verflow running Linux, Steam and Portal 2 on PS4 ! - Console Hacking 2016 (33c3)

Edit: Skip to 43:00 to see it in action.

PS4: PC Master Race

Last year, we demonstrated Linux running on the PS4 in a lightning talk - presented on the PS4 itself. But how did we do it? In a departure from previous Console Hacking talks focusing on security, this year we're going to focus on the PS4 hardware, what makes it different from a PC, and how we reverse engineered it enough to get a full-blown Linux distro running on it, complete with 3D acceleration.

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pressrtoreload1591d ago

Just got Portal 2 on PC... hope it is good

ziggurcat1591d ago

why would you need to be able to run linux on a console?

Silly gameAr1591d ago

They don't really need a reason. Remember these clowns from last gen? I guess they're trying to make a come back.

ziggurcat1591d ago

of course i remember them. it seems rather pointless to run steam on a device that's probably woefully less powerful than what their PCs are capable of doing.

syrdread1591d ago

at a 400$ price tag the ps4, and even more so the pro, is powerful enough to run a decent chunk of your steam library without problems. see how portal 2 performed in that demo

ziggurcat1591d ago

and I'm sure the $400 laptop you can buy these days would be able to run portal 2 just fine as well...

nitus101590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


You are quite correct, however the only thing you can upgrade on the PS4 is the storage device. On a desktop PC you can upgrade pretty much everything although if you buy/build a cheap one you will be upgrading every year or two compared to years for a decent but more expensive build.

Since I only need to use my motherboards inbuilt graphics (can go up to [email protected] fps) since I am not a PC gamer and can't be bothered with overclocking and I don't need an expensive graphics card although if I do get one it will probably cost more than a PS4.

At the moment I am happy with my desktop's raw power (Core i7) and 16GB DDR4 memory coupled with a SATA3 data bus, plus an SSD for my system disk (applications start within a second or two, reboot and login takes less than a minute) and a 3TB 7200rpm disk for mass storage (can add more disk if I wish).

BTW My operating system is Linux (Fedora 25) which does everything I want and more and legitimately costs me nothing.

TheROsingleB1590d ago

You realize Portal 2 came out on Xbox 360 and PS3, right? Both those older consoles also ran the game just fine. How is it a surprise that the PS4 could run it as well, considering it is using PC-based hardware?

nitus101590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I prefer to use my PS4 for games but my laptop and desktop both run a Linux (Fedora 25) distribution and if I like I can even run games if I choose to.

In fact, if you go to Steam there are over 5,000 Linux games and if there is a game you want that does not run natively on Linux you can always use compatibility software such as Wine or Play for Sure.

A major feature I like about my desktop is the fact that it is fully upgradable although I did make sure that I probably won't need to change the CPU (Core i7), memory (16GB DDR4), SATA3 bus and disks for quite some time while the only upgrade you can make on the PS4 is to change the storage device.

BTW. I do have an additional dual disk laptop as well but it is overheating and while I could replace the fan it's a PITA so I will take out the 1TB 7200rpm drive (about 24% better performance) and install it in my PS4 and put the 500GB drive in my faulty laptop for use when I finally get around to fixing it.

I can also run a virtual Windows machine on my desktop (it easily powerful enough) although from monitoring Windows 10 even after I locked it down I just don't trust that operating system so I can't be bothered running it since I can do everything I want under Linux.

syrdread1590d ago

i for one don't have room for an actual desktop computer (that is no joke) and my 5yo mac laptop isn't up to snuff to run anything much anymore. so i'd be glad if i could run a good chunk of my steam library on my ps4. or an xbone. and i even considered a steam machine a while ago, but none are at a 400$ price point. and the one that is at a 500$ price point has very mixed reviews on steam.

so yeah. i'd welcome this kind of thing.

ILostMyMind1590d ago

It would be cool if there was an option to reset the console with a Linux version. It can be useful for anyone (for some reason) who does not have a PC. Or Sony could allow the console to run apps freely, as Microsoft is doing with XBOX.

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ILostMyMind1590d ago

Nice! But what will they do with that knowledge now? Will they create some system improvement software? Any graphics upgrade for PS4 users? Any useful app on console? What's the purpose?

I would like an option to freely change my wallpaper, please.

MAULxx1590d ago

Congratulations (golf clap).

KoroSenpai1590d ago

That is pretty cool hack....i don,t know why some PC master race are so pissed >.<