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CaptainSheep711d ago

I had been waiting for This War of Mine to go on sale, so to get it for free is just awesome.

pyroxxx711d ago

This !!! Actually really wanted to just buy it,.. It is an amazing game. Really happy with January's PS Plus with this one alone.

Septic711d ago Show
OB1Biker711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

Looks like 4 cool games for PS4
Why would you bother looking 'at the you tube dislikes again' septic anyway?
I never even like you tube vid in the first place so dislikes are not representative either

How much do you bet?
I can't even understand how you can come up with those completely unrelated assumptions.
Wtf? haha

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Eonjay711d ago

Titan Souls FInally!!!!! and its cross buy vita and PS4!

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thorstein711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

I have wanted both these games for awhile. Was just about to pull the trigger on This War of Mine: the Little Ones.

Do you know if that is a separate title from This War of Mine?

Great start to what can only be a another great year for gaming.

@Septic What is wrong with people? 6 free games and good ones at that. SMH

IamTylerDurden1710d ago

So happy we also get Titan Souls and The Swindle on PS4, i almost bought them numerous times. 4 intriguing PS4 games and 3 VITA games, great month.

KickSpinFilter711d ago

This War of Mine...sweet was going to pick that up once my backlog thins out now I'll just add it.

XanderZane711d ago

"This War of Mine" is a game I was interested in, but not ready to buy at the time. Now I'll get it for free, which is nice. I had already played Day of the Tenacle on PC and game consoles. Never played the remastered version, so I guess another play through can't hurt. Besides "The Swindle", I know nothing about the other 3 games. Looks like Sony decided to scrape the Indie barrel one more time and see what they could scoop out.

Errorist76711d ago

Some people are never happy I guess...5 dollars for these great games.

XanderZane711d ago (Edited 709d ago )

Not a whole lot to be happy about. They still haven't even given us Knack or DriveClub yet. Funny, because if any of these games were part of Microsoft's GWG, you'd be the first one in the article bashing them.

I'm talking about the full version, not the demo that was released almost 2 years late. No, I won't buy Knack. Should have been on PSPlus by now. I'd rather save my money for more promising games like Horizon and Days Gone.

I don't game on PC much and I had never heard of Titan Souls. There are 100's of Indies out there and I don't try to keep track of all of them. The most recent PC Indie I'm interested in is OwlBoy. I hope that comes to game consoles. Not an awesome month. Another Indie month with a couple games to try. Besides Day of the Tentacle, I don't think any of these games scored an 80 or higher.

Mr-Writer710d ago (Edited 710d ago )


Driveclub has been on Plus ages ago.

As for Knack if you really want to play it, buy it?

IamTylerDurden1710d ago


You are a PlayStation and PC gamer and you never heard of Titan Souls or Devolver Digital? Damn...

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_-EDMIX-_711d ago

Don't forget TItan Soul!

Its on Vita but its cross buy with PS4, so buying it gets you the PS4 version folks!

ccgr711d ago

Agreed, I'm excited for this title as well

IamTylerDurden1710d ago

Awesome month. 4 quality PS4 titles.

The Swindle is a stylish rogue like.

Day of the Tentacle is aTim Schafer classic.

This Little War is a stellar game plus an expansion.

Titan Souls is a bad ass boss rush game where you only have a single arrow to defeat horrowing, 1 hit kill monsters.

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brando008711d ago

I bought This War of Mine a few months ago on sale, but still haven't gotten around to it. At first I was bummed to see it for free, but honestly it looks so good that the developers deserve as many people playing their game as possible.

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Outsider-G711d ago

Really looking forward to playing Titan Souls, Day of the Tentacle & War of Mine.

Eonjay711d ago

I knew holding off on Titan Souls would pay off!!!

thorstein711d ago

Wow. 8 people disagree with you looking forward to playing those games!

Go home N4G, you're delusional.

CrimsonPheonix711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

Don't even download them, that only tells them they can get away with just giving shovelware.

Sony use to try, but now that they're beating Xbox to a pulp and PS+ is required for online they just give you throwaway stuff.

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Deadpooled711d ago

I've made a list of a few of the top games that were added to PS+, the dates they were added, and how long after the game was released at retail, during the PS3 days. Here's what the Golden Era of PS+ was:
Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2 - June 2012 (1 year after release)
Saints Row 2 - July 2012 (1 year and a half after release)
Just Cause 2 - Aug 2012 (2 years after release)
Red Dead Redemption - Sep 2012 (2 years after release)
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One - Nov 2012 (1 year after release)
Arkham City - Dec 2012 (1 year after release)
Bioshock 2 - Jan 2013 (3 years after release)
Sleeping Dogs - Feb 2013 (6 months after release!)
Mass Effect 3 - March 2013 (1 year after release)
Hitman - May 2013 (6 months after release)
Uncharted 3 - June 2013 (1 year and a half after release)
Battlefield 3, Saints Row 3 - July 2013 (1 year and a half after release)
Spec Ops: The Line - July 2013 (1 year after release)
Assassin's Creed 3 - Aug 2013 (1 year after release)
Far Cry 3 - Sep 2013 (1 year after release)
Borderlands 2 - Dec 2013 (1 year after release)
Bioshock Infinite - Jan 2014 (1 year after release)
Tomb Raider - March 2014 (1 year after release)
PES 14 - April 2014 (6 months after release)

Nodoze711d ago

Those days are LONG gone. Now (since they made it a requirement for online play) they aren't even trying anymore. They just slap a few indie titles to the release list from month to month. I had hope when I saw Transformers that they were back on track...alas such is not the case.

Phill-Spencer711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

These were the times when multiplayer was free and ps plus was optional (as it still should be), so they had to offer games that made people want to sign a subscription. And because(and even if) they make much more money off ps plus nowadays, sony does not have to offer "big" games on a regular basis. But atleast there were a few gems from time to time.

Rocket league, transformers, outlast, stick it to the man, infamous first light, tropico, journey, valiant hearts, the swapper,lords of the fallen, helldivers, injustice, oddworld new and tasty are the ones that come to my mind which i really enjoyed, a few might be missing

Rachel_Alucard711d ago

Yakuza 4 and 5, P4:arena ultimax, and dragons crown should be there too. I think plus would do better if they had more Japanese games. PS3 was great for this but ever since the PS4 launched the best it's gotten was Ground zeroes.

kungfuian711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

This has everything to do with the life cycle of the console IMO. These games were provided toward the end of the PS3's life (notice none of them are on PS4). As we get toward the back end of the PS4 (say 3-4 more years from now) I would expect similar AAA releases more regularly peppered in.

AAA makes sense only when a sequel is about to launch (to promote the franchise to new players), or if the developer has some other incentive (like continued sales of DLC or micro transaction type incentives). Otherwise using PS+ as a platform to promote unknown indi and AA developers is a good use of the platform. Edit- It also makes sense for under performing games that the developer hopes to help further promote and offset their losses on.

Also, just from a common sense stand point, while I love free (cheap) as much as the next guy, I think it's astonishing consumers paying $5 a month (yeah $5 dollars!!!) expect AAA games for that price. Seriously over-entitled non-sense IMO

IamTylerDurden1710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

How about off the top of my head i tell you we got Resogun, Outlast, and Rocket League day 1 and games like Injustice Ultimate, Infamous 1st Light, Transformers Devastation, Resident Evil, Helldivers, Oddworld NnT, NBA 2K, Yakuza 5 and more within about a year of release this gen. Since your putting 3 yr old games, we also got Lords of the Fallen, Dishonored, Thief, Saints Row, Journey HD, Valient Hearts, Persona 4 AU, Oreshika, Freedom Wars, and more.

Also, we don't get PSP and PS1 games every single month like we did last gen. We have crossbuy now and this month we are getting 4 quality PS4 and 3 VITA games. Last gen was obscenely long and by the time PS+ freebies started there was already a solid catalogue of games. It's unfair to compare, but this gen while we don't get as many big games with name recognition i personally think the OVERALL quality is actually better. We get many new games, and less throwaway games, and many are crossbuy.

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MasterCornholio711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

I highly recommend Day of the Tentacle. On a side note I can't wait for Full Throttle later on in the year.

I guess I'll try This War of Mine.

Pantz711d ago

Not only games with graphics from the 90's this month, but actual game from the 90's this month.

Errorist76711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

And still one of the best games ever..some people are so ignorant it hurts.

UltraNova711d ago

Caught with your...pantz down again.

shloobmm3710d ago

@errorist76 yes one of the best games 20+ years ago. Not so much anymore. Much like Grim Fandango it doesn't withstand the test of time.

joab777711d ago

I've wanted to play This War of Mine for quite some time. Didn't even know it had come to console.

711d ago
rainslacker711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

Day of the Tentacle is a classic. Considered one of the best games ever made. I will get Full throttle soon though. One of my favorite games of all time, and looking forward to playing it again after all these years.

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