Nostalgia Is Not Destroying Video Games

There’s been a few articles popping up lately suggesting nostalgia is a ‘problem’. I’ve always found this concept quite confusing, as it seems to ignore any positives in the name of trying to approve a point.

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JasonKCK1149d ago

This is far from the problem in gaming

memots1149d ago

i approved the article because it brings an interesting point. But i do disagree with it. Like JasonKCK said there is far more problem in the game industry right now.
Overwhelming increased in cost production and boardroom/shareholder calling the shot.
Dlc everywhere ugh ...
over saturation of crap like on Steam green-light. funny fact about he crap that Steam got in 2016.
40% of the whole Steam library ( everything ) came out in 2016. Lotssssssss of crap

joab7771149d ago

I agree that I hate how revenue is being earned, various pay methods etc. But it's also true that competition is at an all time high, tech is movie exponentially, and no one wants to pay even $60 for games that cost so much more to produce. Add in the added risk for AAA especially as mentioned, and it's tough. We see what happened this fall with WD2 and T2. By most accounts EA and Ubi did just what we wanted and toned down micros, and we did NOT reward them. Instead we bought Multiplayer only shooters at full price with micros.

Just a yr and 2 ago, we condemned games such as these. FF14 is doing well but many hate the sub option, yet ESO is b2p, and many sub anyway. In addition, they add these absurd random loot boxes with rewards ya can't get in game. Add to that $50 mounts etc. and it's getting to be too much!

So, what is the answer b/c we have become a subsidized country. We live month to month and rarely have enough $ to fork out at one time. So, we pay on average much more over time than we would in one installment. And we let companies make their money with the nickel and dime strat.

I guess the fact remains that if the game is good and we are willing to pay, we will. If it isn't, we won't. Has nothing to do with whether they are honest or moral in their financial motives.

Momo1181149d ago

Im going to have to read those original articles out of curiosity. I find it a bit odd

Errorist761149d ago

Nostalgia is exactly the opposite. It reminds us of times where games were complete at launch, fully functioning and weren't riddled with DLC and microtransactions abominations.

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