Nintendo Nostalgia: The Pros and Cons

Nintendo has a great history, but nostalgia isn't always used in the best of ways. Read our special inside piece on the pros and cons of Nintendo by Matthew Herst of The Nerd Stash!

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I think nostalgia hurts more than it helps the industry. Try to change, even a little, a classic franchise and you are hated for it. Keep it the same and the other side hates you for it for rehashing too much. The same applies to movies, tv shows. You are better off making everything a one(or maybe two) iterations and move on to a new IP. No wonder devs can't seem to strike universal acclaim, they keep getting mixed signals from everyone on what is actually wanted. This goes down to oft uttered statement that Devs know more about what we want than we do, we just have to let go of, you guessed it, nostaligia. The only nostaligia I hold is gaming in general. I always like new ways to play. Loved the Wii and Wii U for that aspect alone.