Ars puts Spore DRM to the test-with a surprising result

While the DRM built into Spore is getting all the headlines, Ars decided to try to hit the install limit. Bumping into the limits of the DRM proved more difficult than they had thought, and EA also proved that yes, you can rent a PC game.

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hay3688d ago

Now that's an eye-opener. I'm glad that someone tried to straighten this issue a bit. And that's quite a relief.
But I'll stick to my version. Contacting EA can be a problem in some countries(or may hit your wallet a bit).

Cryos3688d ago

while I don't PC game, and I didn't have a feeling one way or another about this issue, I can understand where it's coming from.

While this article clears up some questions, I believe that most people are not as upset about the Actual install limits, but by the idea that a product they would purchase, has limitations to it.

It's the idea behind the DRM practice that most people find upsetting, it doesn't matter how user friendly it may be.

moses3688d ago

F****** genius saying it was a rent, haha!

Nuclearwinter3688d ago

ok so it works if you install it on the same PC, but what if you reformat? does it still work or will take an install?

jerethdagryphon3688d ago

miust act like m$ activation

i can install windows 50000000000000 times and activates it on the same machine unless i change hardware (mainboard)

so if the activation says this is mainboard b is fine a and c are fine but d will cause problems

ive noticed similar things on other software packages though

DJ3688d ago

Alright, I'll see if I can get it.

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