WorthPlaying: Vampire Rain: Altered Species Review

WorthPlaying writes: "After playing Vampire Rain: Altered Species, I decided that karma must be real. To make up for the stories with fantastic stealth gameplay like Splinter Cell, we must have … this. For every stealth game that tries to tell a rich and complex story, such as the Metal Gear series, there must an affront to storytelling such as this. There is so little that this game does right that it's a wonder the original title ever made it to the market on the Xbox 360, and it's mind-boggling that a PS3 port was given the go-ahead. Even at the budget price of $40, there is no reason to purchase this game.

The problems become evident as soon as you boot up Altered Species. As with many PlayStation 3 titles, there's an installation process the first time you play the game. The 3.8GB install that took 27 minutes, which didn't seem to help matters, as there was still plenty of loading that occurred during the game."

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